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LPR: Ukrainian army leaving Donbass to protect Kiev


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NAH News reports:

There was an official announcement that the military forces of Ukraine began to hastily withdraw from the Donbass, leaving their positions.

This was announced today at the briefing of the deputy chief of staff of the People’s Militia Corps of the LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic], Colonel Igor Yaschenko. According to what he said, units and commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are leaving the south-east of the country and being sent to Kiev for the protection of the government of Ukraine and the receipt of new orders.

“In the context of increased political tension, much of the command staff of the ATO left their units and travelled to Kiev to protect the government and receive new instructions”, – said the deputy chief of staff of the LNR People’s Militia Corps.

Yaschenko also stressed that the militia has recorded movement of troops from the Ukrainian security forces contact line in the depth of the front. Thus, according to the deputy chief of staff of the People’s Militia Corps, a formation of military trains is being assembled with Kiev as destination.

Video: Kiev regime withdraws from the Donbass loyal military units and commanders

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  1. Guest says

    The timing of this Right Sector shoot out could not be better.
    Yatsenyuk is trying to sell ukraine down the river in the US, Canada and the UK; the media is downplaying this story at the same time Poland, Slovakia and Hungary fortify their borders.
    Are Right sector going to be europea al Quaeda

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