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VIDEO: The Guardian tries to cover-up the neo-Nazis in Ukraine by portraying them as nationalists

by Systematic


Via Russia Insider on YouTube:

Successful campaign by Stacy Herbert from the Keiser report to get the Guardian to change the description under a photo of a ‘far-right’ woman named ‘Anaconda’ in Ukraine.


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  4. spellingcat says

    In two Guardian articles, ‘Russian-speaking Lithuanians upset at plans to remove Soviet-era monuments’ and
    ‘How Nazi guard Oskar Gröning escaped justice in 1947 for crimes at Auschwitz’, I raised the question related to Lithuania’s poor record cooperating with NAZI hunters, and owning up to collaborative past, with the following link
    and titled ‘The Nazi Hunter: Lithuanian Jew-haters gave me a heart attack – but that won’t stop me exposing them’.

    I should have known, the Guardian has the ‘backs’ of our frontier forces.

    Twice deleted, and twice blocked.

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