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Newscorp hit new low in promotion of MH17 hysteria

by Kit


Today, on the one year anniversary of the downing of MH17, Newscorp unveiled some “shocking new footage” of rebel fighters callously raiding through passengers’ luggage, spilling vodka everywhere and laughing maniacally. This footage was apparently “smuggled out of the rebel stronghold”, as if this was some Bond-like espionage. You wonder how many Bothans died to bring Newscorp this information. That “smuggling” digital film would be neccesary at all, let alone take a year, is a laughable story in the era of the internet.

The footage is, of course, neither shocking nor new. The BBC’s Australian correspondent shot it down (so to speak) within minutes – revealing this same footage was shown on the BBC last year.

Even the Guardian – so often the spear head of this “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” style hysteria – had to report it with whacking great pinch of salt.

That Newscorp would release this “new” footage so cynically on the anniversary of the crash is of course a total coincidence – it just took their agents that long to secure this dangerous information. But you don’t expect much better from the Murdoch Empire these days, if you ever did. Indeed, the callous disregard for journalistic ethics calls into question even the legitimacy of the film itself. A year is a long time, and who knows what was added or taken away.

092ef7c1-1cab-46e9-8ed8-62cce18c485b-2060x1236Who can forget the MSM’s portrayal of this man (pictured right) as some kind of monster based on this one still image, when they all had access to this video which shows him treating the wreckage with the utmost respect.

The recent re-whipping up of MH17 media hysteria is most likely a response to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, where neo-Nazi gangs engaging in running street battles with police in Lviv and Mukachevo have rather dented the previaling Western MSM narrative that there no Nazis in Ukraine


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