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Right Sector is changing sides?

Activists and supporters of the “Right Sector” march with flags at a rally in central Kiev in the city’s Independence Square (July 21).

by Systematic

Right Sector is changing sides? Right Sector leader Yarosh declared himself in favor of Ukraine’s non-aligned and against joining the EU and NATO. This position diverges from the official Kiev stance, but it converges with that of the Ukrainian opposition, including the Donbass insurgents. Yarosh also made a conciliatory reference to the “Donbass miners.”

“The Right Sector has not been and is not in favor of Ukraine joining the EU. We believe that Ukraine ought to be a subject, not an object, of geopolitics. We are in favor of Ukraine’s non-aligned status. Like the Donbass miners, we are against NATO bases in Ukraine, which means we are against Ukraine’s NATO membership. We are talking both to people who favor the EU and those who desire an alliance with Russia. I’d like to emphasize: we are in favor of Ukraine’s non-aligned status,” Yarosh said on TV channel Ukraine.

Yarosh also said that the Right Sector will not march on Donetsk. “Donbass is our own, Ukrainian land, therefore I am counting on normal relations with people who live there. I have no problem entering into a dialogue with the miners, I myself come from the Dnepropetrovsk Region. It’s not all cut and dried in the Donetsk Region. These very miners in 1989-1990 played an important role ensuring USSR fell apart and Ukraine became an independent country,” Yarosh argued.

After the Mukachevo clash on July 11 the Right Sector withdrew its battalions from the Donbass front. DPR head Aleksandr Zakharchenko then spoke about Yarosh with respect, praising him for daring to confront the Poroshenko regime. The left-wing Prizrak Brigade of the LPR have more than once called on the volunteer battalions to stop the internecine war and march on Kiev together in order to overthrow the oligarch junta. […]

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