“We are the 1%….”

by BlackCatte


Stumbled on a thing called Occupy Democrats today. Please go take a look.

I know there are countless numbers of these faux “grass roots” front groups out there. I understand with an election year coming it’s important to convince the impoverished, disenfranchised mass-surveilled citizens of the US that they are about to exercise a genuine choice, and not simply pick the face Big Brother is going to wear for the next four years.

I realise the central and inadmissible truth is that everyone involved – Reps, Dems, media, mainstream commenters – is selling exactly the same authoritarian fascist agenda, and the only difference is the colour of the packaging. The “right” is sold theirs in patriotic stars and stripes and tied with a freedom bow. The left get theirs in recyclable caring, gun-free green, wrapped in Fair Trade string.

But even given that, this place really makes me recoil. Is it the blatant Stalinist agenda showing through the cynically borrowed skin of the genuine grassroots “Occupy” movement, Or is it the fact that thousands of probably well-meaning people are sharing its gobbets of drooling IngSoc agitprop as if they made sense?

I mean – seriously?…



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