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Poll: 84% of Ukrainians would entrust Putin with Ukraine

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by Systematic

A new information tragedy in Ukraine. It started so innocently: the nationally conscious patriotic website organized a survey. The question was: which politician would you entrust with governing your country?

41664 votes were cast. The results were a knock-out blow for the organizers–a full and crushing victory for Vladimir Putin. Treason!

Let’s look at the results:

Putin: 84% (34,905 votes)
Lukashenko: 5% (2032)
Xi Jinping 2% (820)
Zhirinovskiy 2% (708)
Poroshenko 1% (538 votes)
Merkel 1% (430 votes)
Marie Le Pen 1% (426 votes)
Nazarbayev 1% (318 votes)
Obama 1% (244 votes)
Timoshenko 0% (176)
Lyashko 0% (170)
Yatsenyuk 0% (158)
Kolomoysky 0% (150)
Simonenko 0% (130)
Kuchma 0% (86)
Yanukovych 0% (116)
Tigipko 0% (76)
Kravchuk 0% (32)
Yushchenko 0% (32)


J.Hawk’s Comment: I’d add that even it was “bots and trolls” voting for Putin, where is the pro-Poroshenko/Yatsenyuk/Lyashko/Timoshenko enthusiasm? Right? That, in my view, is what speaks in favor of its authenticity, the fact that none (NONE, KARL!) of Ukraine’s leaders elicit respect, admiration, emulation, gratitude, love, or even mere tolerance. No, they are all hated or, worse, despised. Putin, on the other hand, commands respect, grudging or otherwise, even in the US. […]

Read in full 84% of Ukrainians would entrust Putin with Ukraine at Fort Russ


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  5. 2sr1 says

    The Ukraine is the birthplace of the Slavs, and the ACTUAL origin lands of current Russia. Hell, historically the Ukraine was part of Russia before the Tsars in their infinite wisdom decided to only sleep on the demand for democracy and constitution rather than taking it on-board immediately as a beneficial liability. What us western plebs consistently fail to realize is that; despite everything, Putin is a master of not only earning respect from people who have an IQ larger than the average body temperature, but also for finding the right people to aid as competent spin doctors to maintain his well earned respect (and to keep him on thick ice as well).

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  9. Dave Thomas says

    What a bunch of BS! I live in Ukraine and have never even heard of If it were “patriotic” as you say, it would have been written in Ukrainian. “Nedelya” is the Russian word for “week”. In Ukrainian, it’s “tyzhden”. But the most obvious proof that this article is a complete lie is that when you try to go to, nothing comes up! No such site exists!!! So, this is a complete lie. Nice try but the author of this lie obviously only has half a brain.

    • Vlad K says

      70% of Ukrainians speak Russian… if you watched Ukrainian TV right now, you’d see that most people, including nationalistic politicians do speak Russian, on Ukrainian TV, You’d see that one of the most popular political show in Ukraine – Shuster Live – is in Russian as well… so as a matter of fact, it’s not unusual to see a patriotic site written in Russia.

      If you don’t know what you’re talking about, please abstain !

    • Guest says

      Hello. Most Ukrainians don’t speak, read write in Ukrainian they are more comfortable in Russian.
      Even in the RADA Russian is spoken – with all the foreigners it is the common language

    • roger says

      The site does exist, and did publish the above. It’s there in black and white. So who is talking rubbish?

  10. Guest says

    no mention of the real rulers of ukraine Ambassador Pyatt and Ms Nuland! Maybe they need more cookies

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