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Russian Duma dares to limit Imperial power

you'll notice they don't specify whose freedom

you’ll notice they don’t specify whose freedom

In a brazen move, designed to ensure that Russia is ruled by Russians, the Duma has passed laws limiting the powers of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to operate inside Russia. The first target being the National Endowment for Democracy. This is a terrible blow for freedom around the world, according to The Guardian, because the NED is simply an oasis of decency in Putin’s Empire of Evil:

The National Endowment for Democracy, a Washington-based nonprofit funded largely by the US Congress, has become the first group to be banned in Russia under a law against “undesirable” international nongovernmental organisations.

According to its website, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is “dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world” and has funded local non-governmental organisations in more than 90 countries. But in a statement on Tuesday, the prosecutor general’s office said it “poses a threat to the constitutional order of the Russian Federation and the defensive capability and security of the government”. [our emphasis]

Really? Really Guardian? In order to inform us about what the NED is you just went to their own website and did copy/paste? Even the HuffPo, which is no one’s idea of hard-hitting investigative journalism can do better than that. Here’s an article it published by Mark Taliano about the NED:

Democracy is usually the first victim of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a U.S. agency that promotes the U.S Empire’s foreign policy beneath the false guise of “promoting democracy”.

Considered a “soft” tool of Empire, NED and its subsidiaries work to transform societal fissures in target countries into gaping holes, through which covert agendas can metastize before exploding into illegal regime changes.

Funding flows from the congressional budget of USAID, to NED and its subsidiaries, and finally to factions within target countries whose political economies do not align with globalized economic models of monopoly capitalism.

Beneath NED’s democratic veneer is a Board of Directors replete with members who also represent Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, board members include signatories to the pro-war, pro-corporatocracy think tank Project For A New American Century: Francis Fukuyama, Zalmay Khalizad, Will Marshall, and Vin Weber.

Which makes the Russian Duma’s decision to boot these guys out a tad more understandable, no?

Since the Graun apparently doesn’t do its own research any more, maybe it could at least copy/paste the Huff’s article in place of the contents from NED’s own About page? Or will that conflict with their GCHQ brief?


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  8. d biggeat says

    The Guardian is part of the mainstream presstitutes media outlets who con the masses with biased inofrmation.

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  11. Let’s be frank shall we. The Graun is now signed up to the Neo-con project of a global US liberal empire. Conspiracy theory? Nope, it is all in the public realm. The Wolfowitz doctrine, the Project for a New American Century are perfectly unabashed in this connexion. On the home front it tries to project the progressive, trendy image, presumably with its readership in mind, but the foreign policy is unabashed, paranoid Russophobia. On numerous occasions – the last being the ridiculous Swedish hunt for Red October saga – any comment made in connexion or between the ruling US neo-con, liberal-intervetionist, liberal hawk cabal and the Guaran, is not only not published, but is not even notified as being unpublishable. I speak from personal experience.

    The really shameful thing is that the Guran knows perfectly well what is going on in Ukraine, it is all in the public realm, youtube, facebook, and a considerable number of informed websites. But of course these are ignored. Meanwhile the hoi-polloi are being revved up for war against Russia with a constant stream of invented, paranoid stories about Russia in general and Putin in particular.

    Like its sister publications in the US, The New York Times, and the Washington Post, the Guran is little more than a propaganda sheet for some of the most reactionary and dangerous forces in western politics.

  12. This is one of the organisations that helped and received some of the 5 billion dollars from the USA govnmt. to help with the coup d’etat in Ukraine. Well done Putin in safe gaurding country sovereignty. In the end USA anglo hegemony must be stopped and countries like Cuba ,Venezuela, Iran China and Russia are constantly trying to do. NED has its tentacles all over the non western world , their main aim is to destabalize and forward color revolutions. Like in Macedonia, Arzerbahjain ,Armenia Venezuela, Ecuador and Hong Kong.

  13. Guest says

    Excellent comment from Brad above!!
    I am glad the Duma has passed this law banning these NGOs
    As for the guardian they are just like an NGO paid to spread anti Russian propaganda. The articles are poorly written and outright lies are printed

  14. Brad Benson says

    The Guardian is changing drastically since the arrival of this new editor. They used to pretend to have an unbiased opinion. Now, they pretend not to understand the purpose of all of these “NGO’s”, which is always to promote an agenda and usually one that is totally at odds with real freedom and democracy. I’m surprised that it took the Duma this long to throw these interlopers out and not surprised that the Guardian sees this as a negative development. I think the Russians should establish an NGO in London to help our friends at the Guardian and to promote free speech in journalism (and in their comment threads).

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