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“White Führer” of Azov Battalion invited to European Parliament


by Systematic

Ukraine Human Rights reports:

A Czech Member of the European Parliament, Jaromír Štětina, has invited the military commander of the white supremacist neo-nazi Azov Battalion, dubbed “White Leader”, Andriy Biletsky to come speak before the European Parliament to explain the motives, positions and plans of Azov to the MEPs with the aim of creating a dialogue.

Volunteer battalions are a significant, real political and military force in eastern Ukraine. Not to talk to them and not to know who they are means not to be interested in the solution to the conflict,” Štětina told the Czech news Agency, as Prague Post reports. He further stated that reports of mainly young neo-nazis being part of Azov were the results of Russian propaganda.

Does the EU need further explanation? Is a look at the battalion’s photos, military gear (with painted swastikas and SS runes on them), emblem (showing the “Wolfsangel” and a “White Sun”, both famous nazi symbols) and their public appearances (see photo below, click to enhance view) not enough to confirm their nazi identity? Apparently Members of the European Parliament don’t think so.



  1. Elena says

    From the website of the Rada:

    Заступник голови Комітету Верховної Ради України з питань національної безпеки і оборони Веб-сторінка
    Член групи з міжпарламентських зв’язків з Грузією Веб-сторінка
    Член групи з міжпарламентських зв’язків з Сполученим Королівством Великої Британії та Північної Ірландії Веб-сторінка
    Член групи з міжпарламентських зв’язків з Державою Ізраїль Веб-сторінка
    Член групи з міжпарламентських зв’язків з Сполученими Штатами Америки Веб-сторінка
    Член групи з міжпарламентських зв’язків з Республікою Польща Веб-сторінка
    Член групи з міжпарламентських зв’язків з Литовською Республікою

    Source http://w1.c1.rada.gov.ua/pls/site2/p_deputat?d_id=18065&skl=9

    use yandex and see what it means

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  3. DIPSET says

    He will go the same way as Mikael “my goal is a white Ukraine” Skillt.


  4. Brad Benson says

    Behind closed doors, this “White Fuehrer” will be told to tone it down with the Nazi Symbols and will be instructed to pass the word to the rest of the neo-Nazi Organizations that are fighting in the Eastern Ukraine. They will be offered money and arms as an incentive. For money and arms, even the most ardent Ukrainian Nazis will remove their symbols or at least avoid photo ops. This will be enough to further justify their support by the EU, the US and NATO, which are really all one and the same.

  5. Guest says

    One facist invited by another known facist. If this takes place it would shame the EU further.

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