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Videos: Nationalists on the loose in Ukraine

Screen capture from the video below.

by Systematic

From Kharkov, 057.ua reports:

Fifty men with guns, bricks, sticks and machetes attempted to storm the building [the former Party of Regions offices in Kharkov], inside which, according to our information, were supporters of the “Opposition Bloc”*.

Activists destroyed a “Mercedes” van, which was parked nearby, and then moved to the [building] Mirror Stream.

Immediately out of the building came out their opponents, who lined up outside the door, and began to tell the unknown attackers to remove their balaclavas and call for the police to help.

The law enforcers set up a cordon between the activists, but when stones started to be thrown against the building the police just turned away.

Several shots from a pistol were fired too against the blocked building, and activists in balaklavas were seen with guns. […]

Around a`hundred “Euromaidan” activists in camouflage attacked participants of the meeting in memory of victims of May 2nd in Odessa.

Headed by Mark Gordienko and Yevgeniy Rezvushkin, they came to Kulikovo field before the memory action planned at 18:00. First they outcried the gathered activists in order to obstruct the meeting and threatened several of them.

Then they started more aggressive actions. In particular, “Euromaidan” group attacked the activists who brought traditional black balloons to the field which are sent to the sky every month in memory of dead. In order to destroy these balloons, “Euromaidan” followers used slingshots which were brought beforehand, which leads to believe that the attack was planned in advance. […]

* The party “Opposition Bloc”, created in September 2014 to participate in the parliamentary elections, is composed of six parties: “The Party of Ukraine”, “Ukraine, forward!”, “State Neutrality of Ukraine”, “Labour Ukraine”, the party “Center” and the party “New Politics”. The party is not registered. Its leader is a lawmaker and former governor of the Kharkiv region, Mikhail Dobkin. (Gazeta.ru)


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