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Ukrainian politician: The “war economy stage”


by Systematic

[…] Interviewer: Tatiana Montyan [opposition politician and leader of the party ‘Spilna Diya’ (Common Action); pictured below] joining us today. We will start with a serious subject – in a few of your interviews and videos you have mentioned that Ukrainian economy is in a “war economy stage”, so what can you tell us about what it is and how does it work?

Tatiana Montyan Montyan: It works very simply: the biggest money is to be made at the war, so all the efforts are obviously concentrated on earning money on the war, and keeping the war going and keeping the money flowing.

First off, the main thing is stealing the military budget. Lying to people that we are about to be invaded by Russia, that there are millions of troops on the border… It’s much easier  to simply steal the military budgets instead of spending money on things truly important to society. They are the first and main target of the war economy.

So how does the money get stolen? The more volunteers, or forcibly conscripted people grabbed off the street, can be pushed into encirclements and killed by the thousands, the more people can be used as an excuse to steal a huge amount of salaries, weapons, gear. That’s the main profit.

Separatists were telling me – “What, they really think in Ukraine that Putin is sending us weapons across the border? We just buy them from the Ukrainians!”They sell the weapons and gear that were supposed to be given to the people who are now rotting in Ilovaisk, Debaltsevo, Lutugino, and other encirclements. UAF is not reporting losses mainly to be able to steal the salaries, weapons, and gear those people were supposed to have. And of course, if a person is “missing in action” and not actually reported killed, his family doesn’t need to be paid any sort of compensation, so that’s another benefit. […]

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