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Video: Interview with Azov fighter in Mariupol beach

Screen capture from the video below

by Systematic

— How do people react when they see you here in the beach with a rifle?

— You know, people are used to it. Initially they were afraid but human beings get used to anything. Now they feel it’s OK.

— What is your relationship with the locals?

— It’s difficult, because they support Russia. Almost 75% of them were born at the time of the Soviet Union and they support the other side. We want to build a good state, an European state. But most of them don’t want it.


  1. charlie777 says

    David Camerons Fascists and all the other criminals in Ukraine supported by uk, canada, amerika, zion, blah……Sad to see such characters being funded by the west. This is the end of the western criminal regimes and its going to get messy.

  2. Guest says

    Walking up and down with guns – saying they want to build a European state!
    The people have seen what Azov is trying to build alright!

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