Ukraine: Major threath of war escalation; Donetsk under bombardment

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Colonel Cassad reports:

August 12: Events in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) continue to escalate.

1. After the Ukrainian Armed Forces (APU) shelling of Gorlovka on August 9, the militias of the DNR and Lugansk People’s Republic (LC) were put on high alert. Notably, activity in the DNR is much higher than in the LC. Troops are returning from leave.

2. Since yesterday the use of MLRS [Multiple Launch Rocket Systems] was seen, which had previously been only sporadic. Last night the sides exchanged artillery fire. Near Gorlovka sporadic fighting continues.

3. Equipment is being brought to the front by both sides (we have tightened the second line), the junta has officially renounced any restrictions on the withdrawal of artillery and openly allowed (legalized) its application.

4. The DNR and LC are now actively strengthening their positions at the front in anticipation of an offensive by the APU. There is increased activity in the military structures. http://cassad.net/vazhnoe/16232-v-dnr-obyavlena-boevaya-trevoga.html

5. In Donetsk city today, people were released from work early because they fear massive shelling. In the cities, the DNR is preparing bomb shelters, and notably, talking about the possibility of air strikes.

6. Officials openly say that fighting (high-intensity) can erupt at any time. The Minsk format shows no signs of life. (The next meeting should be held in late August plus announced “conversations” in September.) http://cassad.net/ukraina/ukrainskiy-krizis/16237-krah-minskih-soglasheniy.html

7. According to various sources, the beginning of the active phase is expected in the coming days if diplomacy does not slow down the current situation.

8. In general, the activity points to the possibility of a return to massive bloodletting in the coming days, rather than continuation of the trench warfare of April-July 2015. […]


Ukrainian occupational forces shelling Donetsk. Around 18:00 from the direction of Pesok, UAF are massively bombarding October (Oktyabrskiy) suburb with artillery cannons. Fires are raging. Direction: airport, Metro – firefight supported by UAF artillery. In Oktyabrskiy fires are observed. The head of the Kubyshev district of Donetsk, Ivan Prikhodko reported to “Russian Spring” about hits on apartment houses and civilian deaths: “Starting from 18:00 and ongoing: Timura street 19 – direct hit, Vasilchenko street 34, 35, 37 – several homes are on fire, Luzina street, house 6, apartment 15 – direct hit on the fifth floor, Timura street – hit on the outdoor kitchen followed by fire, Kremlevskiy prospect 9 – one woman injured, one killed (Galina Sklyarova), Krasnoznamennaya street 41 – man injured.” He confirmed that such information was from 19:00.

BREAKING: Donetsk under Massive Bombardment by UAF; dead and wounded


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