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Ukraine official: 8000 soldiers defected to DPR & LPR


In August 2014 hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers deserted to Russia.

by Systematic

RT in Russian reports:

The Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios said that his department has lists of eight thousand law enforcement officers and military personnel who defected to the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic.

“At the moment we have a complete list, and collected evidence regarding five thousand law enforcement officers, and another three thousand soldiers who defected to the enemy, they will be held accountable,” – the Ukrainian newspaper “Vesti” leads quoting the words of Matios.

Fort Russ comments on this report:

[editor’s note – recall that on or about June 29th of this year, Plotnitsky [Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic] admitted that they could no longer conceal this fact, and that it was no longer politically correct to do so. There are a number of reasons soldiers do this, ranging from practical, pragmatic, self-interest as well as ideological, rational, emotional, and moral.  Our information indicates that this number is significantly higher.  The majority of Donbass ‘rebels’ themselves began either as defecting reserve or retired personnel, as well as those who had served as part of required service in the prior Soviet era]


  1. Marija says

    Creating problem for EU ! not only Russia. I am not sure which goal is more important for US to weaken EU or Russia I think there is not much difference.

  2. American_Borsch says

    Jews hahaha ?? This is a Christian Nation does Ukraine exist or not??? Is it a free nation or not?

    Does it have a right to exist?
    Does it have a right to defend itself?
    Does it have the right to enforce laws like any country on the planet?? some other countrys of whom chop of the heads of criminals?
    Why does everyone always try to blame America??
    Like we somehow control the minds of millions and millions of people that want to live free in peace..not be occupied like Poland was for decades….
    I guess the Jews and Americans are responsible for Afghanistan running out the Russians because they did not want to be occupied …….
    SOOO dumb some people are… so single minded and can not see more than ten feet in front of them…
    It is clear this moment if other country’s had not helped Ukraine it would be occupied now….
    The sad thing is when you go to Ukraine mama is Russian papa is Ukraine cousin is Russian uncle is Ukraine…….ONE FAMILY…Russia is like Ukraine’s big brother ……you are supposed to love your brother not hate him….help your brother not hurt him……Russia could be hero of world if it turn on the gas and increased coal shipments made loans open its borders to workers from Ukraine …make the fighting stop in the East..the Ukraine people would love Russia again then…the fools that make the decisions …have no vision they are blind by pride and greed…

    Pray for Ukraine

  3. Juan says

    God bless these brave and intelligent men. Why should they die for the evil Jews and Americans that created this whole siutation.

  4. Guest says

    The real tragedy is the western backed and manipulated civil war in country that largely lived along with their differences until the maidan.
    The support from the EU/US for the ” one ukraine” ideology is truly unsustainable and this will break up Ukraine. It is clear those bureaucrats in that meeting with Yanukovic all those months never really understood what they were doing

    • Alieu says

      Unfortunately, they knew exactly what they were doing. They don’t actually care about Ukraine, this was just about creating problems for Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy. If it wasn’t Ukraine it would have been Georgia, or Moldova, or some other former Soviet state.

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