Ukrainian student: “I like the separatists”

Screen capture from the video below. Captions translated from French.

by Systematic

Ukraine. August 13 2015 in the very heart of Kiev. The Ukrainian TV channel Hromadske TV interviews a student.

— What do you want me to tell you?

Journalist: Do you follow the news?

—  What if I’m not a maidanuta [a Maidan moron]? I am against the Donbass war. I like the separatists.

Journalist: Ah, you like the separatists.

— Yes, and that’s no good, right? I go, then.

Journalist: No, no, stay. We have a question. The situation has worsened down there [in the Donbass]; why, according to you?

— Why? Because the Ukrainian troops are shelling their fellow civilians. Morally, the people cannot stand it anymore. It’s not World War 2, after all. All your inner spiritual universe collapses when you are shelled by your own kind!…

Journalist: According to you, the separatists don’t shoot back?

— They are not separatists. They are people that are against the current powers. Everyone has a right to…

Journalist: The wish to separate is called “separatism”. It’s not an insult. That’s what they want… That’s what Zakarchenko [head of the DPR] says.

— That’s what is needed. I think it should have been done a long time ago. In fact, the eastern regions should have been simply detached from Ukraine and everything would be perfect in the country. Because it’s the nationalist battalions that make the war. A normal man will never fight his own kin.

Journalist: There are those who mobilize upon being drafted.

— They go because otherwise they get five years in prison. They have no choice. If a young man of 18 has a choice between going to war or finish his studies at the university, he will choose the university.

Journalist: In your opinion, why doesn’t Russia recognize the DPR [the Donetsk People’s Republic]?

— Because if Russia recognized the DPR that would play into Europe’s and the USA’s hands, who would try to impose worldwide the idea that it was Russia who started the conflict. If Russia recognizes the DPR, they [EU and USA] would win. But in reality I think it was not Russia who started the conflict. If I had that chance, and if there were not so many maidanutas [morons] in Kiev, I would have made the same thing here. Why do you need this Poroshenko and this government?!

Journalist: Did you vote at the elections [of Poroshenko]?

— No, why should I have? Everything had been written in advance! It was elections without choice, very simply.

Journalist: Did you go to the Donbass?

— Let’s say… my grandparents went to the Donbass, they worked at the mines there. I did not ever go there, I just crossed it.


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