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Nuland’s Plan For The Balkans (And How It Can Dramatically Backfire) – Part I

By Andrew Koribko (originally published by The Saker on July 20, 2015)

US regime change expert and architect of regional destabilization, Victoria Nuland, recently paid a visit to the Balkans to preach the oft-repeated gospel of Euro-Atlantic integration. Her trip comes at a time when the region is experiencing a spike in geostrategic significance , having emerged at the forefront of the New Cold War between the unipolar and multipolar worlds. While energy geopolitics are certainly one of the main factors behind this renewed rivalry, there are also many other variables at play too, such as civilizational affinity and grassroots support of sovereign statehood. The asymmetrical advances that multipolarity has made in the region are partially attributable to the negative reaction that the population has had to the painful ‘integration’ (read: occupation) processes they witnessed in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Croatia.

Sensing the turning tide in popular sentiment brought about by the political and economic incompetence of the pro-EU elite, Nuland came to the Balkans to issue a list of thinly veiled threats designed to scare the regional holdouts of Republika Srpska, Serbia, and Macedonia into unipolar submission. Ironically, however, however, some of her demands could actually be co-opted by the same multipolar forces that she intends to destroy…..

For the full text, please see here.


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