Agenda screen cap: August 22 2015

Just a brief glimpse of the ongoing narrative creation and control as revealed by the front page of the Guardian.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 12.30.12

So, what do we have here?

  1. 1) Despite the spying, illegal wars, torture and support for nazi genocide, Americans are actually heroes; saving Europe from Muslims “terrorism”. Would this story have been front page if a French shopkeeper or – God forbid – an off-duty Russian soldier had done the deed? We leave it to you to decide.
  2. 2) Latin American people just like killing each other. No need to explore any further than that. Just bank on the headline having the right effect and most readers having little knowledge of the history of US involvement in “bringing democracy” to the region. For those who click, add a little superficial critique of the police and government of El Salvador, devoid of context or detail. Move on.
  3. 3) If Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership election it will be a)the end of civilisation as we know it and b)due to “infiltrators” who should therefore not be allowed to vote, because they will do it wrong and don’t hold the right opinions. So charming to see the Graun getting behind the idea that some people/votes are more equal than others. How long until someone suggests these “infiltrators” are all Putinbots?
  4. 4) Donald Trump is ridiculous and also a safe target. Talk about him and his sometimes ludicrous pronouncements and it gives liberal Graun readers the impression there’s a real ideological divide and debate between him and Clinton, or between Republican and Democrat. They feel reassured that democracy is happening, when of course it is not, and if it ever were to happen the people in charge would do their best to stop it immediately (see above).
  5. 5) China = Bad. Because of Pollution due to all that nasty Industry they insist on having. See how lucky we in the west are that the oligarchs closed ours down and moved it to…well, China?
  6. 6) North and South Korea just can’t get on. Nothing to do with us.
  7. 7) Clickbait. Clickbait. Clickbait…oh, and, yup more clickbait.
  8. 8) Oh yeah, underneath all this, there was a guy shot by UK armed response police today, in his own home, who may – or may not – have been armed….

…But no biggie. Just scroll down to that story in lovely reader-friendly pink about the first transgender TV star!!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 13.26.50

Everything is awesome!…


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