VIDEO: Guardian gets it wrong on Latin America. Again.

by teleSUR via Information Clearing House

In an obvious parrallel with their awful, partisan coverage of the Maidan protests in Ukraine in 2013/14, the Guardian has been taken to task by Latin American news broadcaster teleSUR for their coverage of the political situation in Ecuador.

Thanks go out to BradBenson for linking us to this story.


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Aug 25, 2015 1:54 PM

It is an absolute disgrace. The Guardian is openly backing neoliberal murderous governments in Latin America while criticizing and amplifying every little misdemeanor of the ones leaning to the left.

When Mexican president Peña Nieto visited London last March, the Mexican community, together with British activists coming from all across the UK, demonstrated in front of Downing Street. We were approximately 350 if not more, we had Jeremy Corbyn (that was before he became ISIS´ communist wing leader..) as a speaker, it was a lively yet sad event. We wanted the UK public to know about the “war” that has provoked nearly 100 000 deaths, more than 40 000 disappeared, a war sold as a war against drugs but it is in fact a war against the poor and the resisting.

The Guardians response? An article about our fashionable, handsome president, kid you not: “How to Dress for a State Visit”. Embarrassing even for Hello! and likely magazines.

One can imagine The Guardian´s coverage if the Ecuadorean, Argentinian, Venezuelan (or Russian…) governments, that are not linked to the murder and disappearance of students, regular widespread massacres and/or torture of activists, journalists and common people; faced and opposition of 350 in front of Downing Street during a state visit. There would be no space to talk about fashion, we can all agree.

Congratulations for your effort.

Please visit http://londonmexicosolidarity.org/

Aug 24, 2015 1:33 PM

Have you seen the Guardian’s attempt at “New East Network”? I decided to do a whois on all their “Partners” and guess what? it is all there to see. The Soros ‘Open Society Foundation’ figure prominently as does ‘Perfect Privacy’ In Jacksonville USA. One Partner ‘Russia!Magazine’ is up for sale! lol! most “Partners” are in the USA. I shall research further with names etc. but you should do this and you will hit comedy gold! Objectivity and Guardian? Pleeze. It is nothing more than a propaganda sheet.

Aug 24, 2015 1:30 PM

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