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Ukraine: How the rebels took Maryevka accidentally

by Systematic

Ukraine servicemen at their positions in the Donbass. Photo Evgeniy Maloletka / Associated Press

[…] if you tell the story of the battle on the night of August 22  [at Maryevka] briefly, it is more like a joke.

UAF once again started firing at Pervomaisk.

A group of militia from a local battalion moved forward to an observation position close to enemy positions. They were spotted. Fire was opened. The militia from the neighboring checkpoints covered with fire (exclusively from small arms, in accordance with the Minsk agreements).

As a result an ammunition storage on the Ukrainian side exploded seemingly on its own. After that, UAF troops though that a large-scale attack began, fled in panic from the Maryevka railway station, left part of Zolotoye village, threw a white flag, and called the commanders of the militia, asking to stop the fighting. The fighting (which, in fact, did not even start) – ceased. The humor of the situation is that the battle unit, which moved out to an observation position, consisted of only ten people.

The commander of a Cossack battalion “Yermak” with the callsign “Ataman” directly participated in yesterday’s fighting.

— We did not plan to capture anything. We feared a breakthrough on their part because there were some grounds to believe that. Decided to install our “eyes”. They attracted fire. Our group moved forward a little, gave return fire, and in the end, they quickly retreated. Then they tried to go out with the APCS, but again received a response. From small-caliber weapons. They decided not to engage and retreated.

Their ammo exploded for some reason. So they quickly moved away and hoisted a white flag. They called our superiors, asking for a truce, so we were ordered to cease the fire. […]

Read in full NAF takes Maryevka, accidentally at Fort Russ


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