Right Sector destroys memorial plaque of Oles Buzina, replaces it with one honoring his killers

by Systematic


Antifashist com reports (with more photos and video):

“Right Sector” destroyed a memorial  plaque for Buzina and replaced it with one honoring his killers.*

No rest for the innocent victim writer and historian Oles Buzina despite his passing. Today in Kiev, as proof of the “absence” of fascism in Ukraine, a plaque placed in honor of the writer on the wall of his house was removed.

But the blasphemy did not end there. Instead of the Oles plaque the vandals affixed on its location a similar plaque in honor of his killers. […]

* Two people were arrested in Ukraine on June 18 for the murder of journalist Oles Buzina on April 16, 2015. The two are said to be members of neo-Nazi paramilitary forces. Andriy Medevko and Denys Polischuk appeared in court separately on June 19. They were denied bail and will appear again in court in August. […] (Counterpunch, )


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