The Guardian’s frantic Corbyn-hate — now it’s just sad

What Corbyn actually said

Some women have raised with me that a solution to the rise in assault and harassment on public transport could be to introduce women only carriages…

How the Guardian is already spinning it…
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Oh please…

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OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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[…] they weren’t mis-quoting him to criticise his “plans”, they were making fun of his clothes or accusing him of anti-semitism by proxy. He was unelectable, […]


The Guardian was always the mouthpiece of the Fabian Society, back then it was the Manchester Guardian, I wonder what Jeremy Corbyn’s relationship with the Fabian Society might be? They are after all The Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone

Men are more often the victims of violence than women.
Women also sometimes act violently, will women only train carriages protect women from violent women?


All day long they injure my cause, all their thoughts are against me for evil.

Brad Benson

I’m not that familiar with Mr. Corbyn’s situation, since I’m much more concerned right now with the political situation here in the Empire’s “Homeland”. However, I’m sure that if he has been an effective advocate for policies that might really help the little people; end British participation in the Empire’s Wars; criticize Israel or the official Western Doctrine on the Middle East; or otherwise try to do good, he will be targeted from all sides.

I happened to find the following article this morning and, since it addresses the resistance to Corbyn at the very end, I thought I’d pass it along. Otherwise, this long and well-written article contains the history of Zionism’s Effects on British Politics and the British Press, since the post-war 1920’s. Along the way, It addresses the machinations behind the Balfour Declaration; the post-war guerilla struggles waged by Zionists against both Britain and the Palestinians; and the evolution of Israel as a replacement for the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. It ends with a discussion Jeremy Corbyn and the attacks that have been made on him for his support for the Palestinian Cause.

There are many references to the Guardian throughout this history and this story also demonstrates the evolution of the Guardian over time to become the pro-Israel rag that it is today.


Paul Rigby

Cooper, as ever, talking complete Balls


They soon changed the headline on that article but not before encouraging the backlash. A man makes a suggestion about keeping women safe, and gets attacked for thinking about ways to keep women safe.
What sort of society are we!!!