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VIDEO: Tony Benn speech on the aims of Thatcherite policies

The late Tony Benn speaks out about the real aims of the banking industry, debt slavery, and the policies of pro-business politicians from Thatcher to the present day. Short and to the point.


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  2. Despite avid attention to economics since the Crash I have never run across anyone r revealing the 80’s forward in the West as a Counter Reformation by the oligarchy in response to reforms generated upon their temporary downfall due to their own monumental mistakes in the first half of the 20th century. This is education at its finest OK so I’m dense. But I will keep on reading. I have grandkids.

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  4. Awesome; incredibly articulate and even handsome at the age of 90, and brilliant too, but I wish he didn’t think he’s a Marxist, because he isn’t. He’s a lot better than that, but he seems to see in Marx only the things that he agrees with, as if the things he doesn’t are not even worth noting, though they’re actually important.

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