At least 100 police injured in explosion outside Ukraine’s parliament

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A National Guard victim of today’s clashes in Kiev. Photo Yuriy Kirnichny/AFP

At least 100 police officers and servicemen from the Ukrainian National Guard were injured after a grenade exploded outside the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, Monday. A combat grenade was allegedly thrown towards the police and national guard officers who were trying to prevent protesters from getting too close to the Ukrainian parliament building. Anton Gerashchenko, the adviser to the Ukrainian minister of Internal Affairs, posted on social media that one national guard officer was killed after being shot in the heart, however this has yet to be confirmed.

RT reports:

[…] According to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, the people who threw the combat grenades were wearing T-shirts of the Svoboda political party.

“About 30 people have been arrested. Police have detained the man who threw the combat grenade,” Avakov said on his Facebook post. […]

Drone footage of the start of the clashes:

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Francis Lee

In fact that constitutional changes which were being debated in the Rada Verkhovna in no way corresponded to the articles in the Minsk II agreements. The Don Bas would be given no special status, there would be no consultation by the Kiev regime with the LPR, DPR representatives, prefects were to be appointed as Roman-style proconsuls to rule over these restless provinces. These decentralisation proposals in fact gave more power the the executive wing of the government – Poroshenko and Yatsuniuk.

The proposals were little more than a transparent fraud cooked up by the Nuland-Pyatt-Poroshenko ruling troika. I wonder whether or not vicious Vicky gave out any cookies to the neo-nazi mobs in Kiev during the disturbances outside of the Parliament.

MSM Sock Puppets
MSM Sock Puppets

I wish someone would put together an offnewyorktimes and call Kramer on his jingoistic journalism the way you do here. He was so embarrassed over his swooning over Svoboda in past articles that he didn’t even dare mention it by name in yesterday’s article.


That would be an awesome idea. Each major mainstream news outlet should acquire its own shadow dedicated to monitoring it for agenda bias

Brad Benson

Over at the Guardian, Nazi-loving Shaun Walker is out with his report on the trouble in Kiev. Reporting “in Moscow”, Walker as usual makes the story about Russia as much as possible, while blaming the riots in Kiev on Svoboda which, according to Walker, is “a far-right political party that was part of the Maidan movement (sic) which overthrew the president Viktor Yanukovych last year but did badly at the polls and only has a handful of MPs.”

To this I would add that Walker had always reported favorably in regard to right wing Ukrainian Thugs fighting in the breakaway Ukrainian Republics and I wonder why Svoboda seems to have fallen out of his favor.

Walker describes the continuing attacks by right wing militias in the breakaway Republics thusly:

“After the subsequent war in east Ukraine led to at least 7,000 deaths, Ukraine promised “special status” to the areas of the eastern Donbass region, which are under rebel control, as part of the Minsk ceasefire agreement. But the concessions are controversial at a time when many in Ukraine believe Moscow is doing little to hold up its side of the bargain.”

As usual, here Walker states his personal opinion in regard to what the people in the Ukraine think, while reporting from Moscow, without the least reference to the source of his information or how he otherwise knows what is going on more than 700 miles away. In actual fact, in the articles I’ve seen, many of which appeared in the Guardian, just the opposite has been said—that the people in the West Ukraine are sick of the war and would be glad to let the Eastern Part go.

In one of the Guardian’s many laudatory articles about the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, a female militia member was quoted as saying that the fighters were often not popular with the local people when they return to their homes in the Western Part of the country. The distinct impression given was that she felt unappreciated for the fighting that she and the other Nazis were doing in the East.

Walker further states, “Despite official denials, Moscow has proved willing to send military and logistical reinforcements at crucial junctures and Moscow sources confirm that the Kremlin will not allow the rebels to be militarily defeated.”

Despite Walkers continuous claims that this is true, neither he nor the Guardian, nor NATO, nor the EU has ever been able to produce so much as an empty vodka bottle as evidence. Once the Guardian even the reported the specious claim that the Ukrainians had destroyed a Russian Column, yet not a single destroyed vehicle was even found.

Walker himself once claimed to have accompanied a column of Russian Tanks to the Ukrainian Border and then watched them cross over that border. I guess we should all assume that the Russian Military is so stupid and poorly trained that they would undertake an illegal border incursion in broad daylight in the presence of the Guardian’s Intrepid Reporter without so much as a wink toward force protection. Man, those Russkies are brazen!

Returning to his fantasies regarding the thoughts of the Western Ukrainians, Walker further opines: “Because of this, some feel Kiev should focus on reforms in the rest of the country and leave the rebel areas to their own devices; others feel Ukraine can never be secure while part of its territory is under rebel control and demand a renewed military assault.”

Here again, Walker states the prevailing attitude as expressed in every opinion poll taken in the Western Ukraine, but then states his own delusions as proof that a substantial number of people in the Western Ukraine support the ongoing war against the East, even as they are preparing to go through a winter without heat—or much food for that matter.

Finally, as is usual these days, the Guardian doesn’t open up its comment threads for Walker’s Articles because they can’t afford to pay their etiquette police the extra overtime that it takes to police and protect his articles from those that would call him out for his lying bullshit. In the past, I would have had to carefully word my comments to any article this punk wrote, but the good news about being banned is that I can now go after this lying little Nazi-lover with gusto.

Thanks Guardian. Thanks Shaun. You’ll be hearing from me in the future and so will your readers.


The neo nazi went to protest against changes to the constitution. Poreshenko at the same time States that these changes are not about decentralization or more autonomy to the east. Who is right?
Ukraine is careering down the road towards its eventual break up and govt collapse. The country is too extreme to hold together.