Breaking: Clashes in Kiev (with live feed; updated)

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RT reports:

Clashes have erupted in front of the parliament in the Ukrainian capital as protesters came to oppose amendments to the constitution proposed by President Petro Poroshenko [The amendments proposed by President Petro Poroshenko were supported by 265 of the parliament’s 450 lawmakers. – RT]. The changes would provide for decentralization of the country.

Tweets from journalists at the scene said supporters of the radical group Right Sector were brutally attacking police officers.

The demonstrators attacked police with long sticks and threw at least one smoke bomb grenade, Russia’s RIA Novosti and TASS news agencies reported.

The Ukrainian UNIAN news agency also reported that smoke bombs were being thrown along with stones. Police are now trying to stop the demonstrators from storming the parliament building. […]

112 Ukraine TV live:

Expresso TV live:


More than a dozen police and National Guard wounded, some seriously […]

KievPoliceWounded clashesKiev2

Tass reports:

KIEV, August 31. /TASS/. Several police officers are in a very serious condition after a grenade blast on the Constitution Square outside the parliament building in Kiev, an advisor to Ukraine’s interior minister, Anton Gerashchenko, has said.

“A ball grenade has been just thrown at the servicemen protecting the Verkhovna Rada. Several servicemen of the National Guard sustained serious injuries. Their life is in danger,” Gerashchenko wrote on his Facebook page.

A powerful explosion occurred outside the Verkhovna Rada building earlier on Monday [see video below]. Some 30 law enforcers have been injured, a TASS correspondent reported from the scene. […]

Kiev’s mayor Klitschko says that one policeman has died due to clashes outside Ukraine’s Rada. (Via on Twitter)

Radicals are breaking into the Rada [Ukrainian parliament]. MPs locked inside.

Right Sector gathering its activists in Mariinsky Park near the Rada.

Mayor of #Kiev flees city in armored SUV send over from German Embassy to pick him up after clashes started. [unconfirmed]

Police clash with protesters near Kiev Hotel:


Interior Ministry advisor Gerashenko: 25 year old national guard soldier died, shot in heart during Rada protests.

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Brad Benson
Brad Benson

I’m not seeing anything about this on American TV, including Al Jazeera. The Western Media just doesn’t know what to do when the truth doesn’t match their official narrative. It looks like another color revolution has failed miserably. Where are good old Nazi-loving Sean Walker and Luke Harding? Are they among the protesters trying to storm the parliament? Is Sean riding along side of another Russian Invasion Column as it crosses the Ukrainian Border as he once claimed? Either way, this one will be hard to pin on Putin and there will be mass panic in the Guardians’s Editorial Board… Read more »


The neo nazi have been unleashed and trained by the west.
Can’t wait to read MSM on this!!! as how can they explain the arrival of the nazi who don’t exist.

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

Another day, another non-story in the western MSM. No nazis here, folks. Nothing to see at all. Move along now…