The Guardian: “bomb Assad and save the refugees”

by BlackCatte

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The Guardian is currently providing us with a good example of what is often called the “problem-reaction-solution” method of controlling public discourse.

Step One: Find, create, emphasise, or de-contextualise a problem

In this case, the “refugee crisis”, currently screaming from the front pages of most mainstream media outlets. The unanimity and hysteria should immediately alert us to a potential agenda. Yes, of course there are thousands of refugees and their plight is appalling. Yes the way they are being received by the EU is predictably callous and racist. But this is what happens when you start imperialist wars, and even the Guardian admits it’s not new. The MSM has been content to ignore the plight of displaced Libyans since 2011, displaced Iraqis since 2003, displaced Syrians and Ukrainian since 2014.

So we need to ask why the western media are suddenly headlining this ongoing human tragedy? Why the blatant attempts to create mass hysteria through manipulation of basic human emotions – fear (of the alleged incoming hordes of displaced people) and outrage (for their plight)?

Is it because the media and its masters are suddenly discovering their humanity and conscience? Well, it’s always possible, but I think we’d be unwise to make that a first assumption. And in fact, a more likely answer presents itself in the Guardian’s response to the crisis it has chosen this moment to define…

Step 2: Reaction

First thing to note is how, in the media narrative, the plight of these displaced people is entirely removed from any real geopolitical context. Note that nowhere in its prurient and emotive rolling coverage of overturning dinghies, private funerals, mass-marches, tent-camps in shopping malls, endless “personal stories” from unsourced individuals, does the Guardian refer to the fact that western war mongering created this crisis in its entirety.

Likewise, in the latest “Guardian View“, the anonymous author offers only elision, flimsy images of unspecified ‘conflicts’ and ‘repressive and failed states’…

There is a wide arc of conflict-ridden, repressive and failed states running from the Middle East, round the Horn of Africa and along the southern Mediterranean coast. There are tens of millions of people living in that region who might reasonably decide that the only future for them and their families lies in Europe….

He mentions Libya has “unravelled” but avoids discussion of how and why. He implies – without compromising himself enough to actually state – that the Syrian refugees are fleeing Assad, not “coalition” bombs….

The optimism of the Arab spring is spent. Colonel Gaddafi was a tyrant, yet Libya has unravelled violently in the aftermath of his removal. The refusal to intervene against Bashar al-Assad gave the Syrian president permission to continue murdering his people

Apparently in New Guardianspeak drone attacks, air strikes and the funding of insane jihadists = “reluctance to intervene”, and it’s our wimpy pacifism that’s causing all the problems out there – not our bombs, drones and lunatic jihadists.

(Not just in Guardianspeak either – in fact a disturbingly similar “this is because we did nothing” meme is being sold by Boris Johnson in the Telegraph. This ‘coincidence’ of opinion pieces is even more suggestive of a pre-planned agenda rollout).

Which neat bit of reality-inversion leads us nicely on to….

Step 3: Solution

“Much more must be done,” screams the Guardian’s headline. But what does this “more” actually mean? The anonymous author – assigned the task of selling this ‘solution’ to the Guardian’s core readership – sets it out obliquely, but obviously enough.

Although it is essential in discussion of the current crisis to remember the legal distinction between refugees – seeking sanctuary from imminent danger – and the wider category of people who migrate in search of a better future for themselves and their families, it is also important to acknowledge that, in places where economic activity, law and order are breaking down, the line between the two categories is technically and ethically hard to draw.

Translation: the problem isn’t going away until we fix the failed states that the refugees/migrants are fleeing from, and of course…

Since Syria’s plight is the most immediate moral and strategic problem, that is where Europe must begin the search for solutions.

Ah, and what might the ‘solutions’ entail, oh non-agenda-driven anonymous Guardian sage?

The increase in refugee numbers heading for the EU describes a collapse of hope among millions of Syrians, many displaced in neighbouring countries, that their home will be safe again in their lifetime. To begin restoring that hope will inevitably mean international intervention of some kind.

“Intervention of some kind”? By western armed forces you mean? Yes indeed he does…

The establishment of credible safe havens and the implementation of a no-fly zone must be on the table for serious consideration. Russia, as the state with most influence over Assad, must somehow be convinced to rein him in. EU powers must be prepared to spend more of their efforts and resources fostering the conditions for ceasefire.

“Implementing a no-fly zone” in a foreign country is basically a declaration of war against that country. So, by amazing coincidence, the solution to the current refugee crisis being so mercilessly hyped in the media, is the very same war with Syria that the PTB have been trying to sell to the masses since 2012. Incredible isn’t it! And about as convincing as a snake oil salesman turning up at your door day after day touting the same cure for different diseases. Want to save the Kurds? Bomb Syria! Want to stop ISIS? Bomb Syria! Want to save the helpless refugees?…

But this time they are hoping we’ll forget our earlier scepticism and buy it, because we’ll be so scared the ‘disposessed’ hordes will get us…

The need for Europe to develop a coherent account of its place in the wider world has often been discussed as the goal once internal matters are settled, but that moment keeps being deferred. Yet the rest of the world is not waiting. Its fearful dispossessed are rattling Europe’s gates.

Right there is the heart of the message. ‘The EU has to get behind the US agenda, support and even assist with an invasion of Syria, maybe also implement other as yet unspecified legislation to bring us inline with the US – or be swamped by the ‘fearful dispossessed’.’

Fear porn in other words, but carefully laced with faux compassion. Everything else you read or see in the MSM is about planting this idea the collective mind. They are trying to create the meme that the refugee crisis is suddenly (and inexplicably, but never mind that), so huge and so impossible to manage, so threatening to European security, to domestic economies and everything else we care about that bombing Assad and thereby starting a proxy war with Russia actually looks like the better alternative.

This – and not any kind of compassion – is why the MSM is wall-to-wall with increasingly implausible, hysterical and unexamined refugee stories. This is why pictures of a little boy’s funeral “emerge” inexplicably on to the pages of the Guardian. The fact his family were not fleeing from Syria, but from Turkey – a NATO member, currently brutalising its own Kurdish population – is not going to make any difference at all.

It’s not a well-deserved crisis of conscience over displaced people, however much we might like to think it is. It’s the final push to get us to approve the Empire’s longstanding bid to wipe out yet another centre of opposition to its hegemony.

OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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Sayonaki Tatsu

Short summary: Western politicians are sick, Western MSM are lying, in Syria there will be genocide.
With a short comment saying “Kill Assad – and there will be another Alawite general and all Assad’s allies will fight alongside with him. And all local Christians too. Because they want to live.”

Kieran Kelly

We have seen this before with the Kosovo crisis and the impending bloodbath that was poised to descend on Benghazi. The historical forces behind this current crisis, though, are not at all fictional. They might be exploiting this to make yet another case Syria must immediately be bombed, but there is also some truth to the fact that serious incidents have reached critical mass. Some hack journos, who are too stupid to realise that they are paid to be propagandists, have gone completely off-message and will have to be corralled. This is all putting a big strain on propaganda narratives because many people understand that bombing actually creates refugees and people are generally feeling suspicious of this idea that Assad and ISIS are both villains, but enemy villains, while Saudi Arabia is “moderate” and Israel’s vaunted democracy seems to be very bloodstained.
I have also written a post showing that the Western interventionist policies that have caused this immense displacement are genocidal by nature and have coalesced over time into a new holocaust. http://ongenocide.com/2015/09/07/the-refugee-crisis-and-the-new-holocaust/


[…] By BlackCatte | OffGuardian | September 4, 2015 […]


[…] media exploitation of the refugee crisis, it’s been entirely eliminated in the hours since our first piece on this was published. Since then we have had BBC revelations that UK ministers are arguing for “military action in […]

Rose-Marie Larsson

Thank you, thank you! I’m sharing widely. You write this right at the time when the Canadian media are joining the chorus for the West to “do something,”


Exactly the same playbook as Kosovo, or more recently Libya when some possibly mythical tank column had to be bombed before it got to Benghazi.
We know how this movie ends – and it is not well. It certainly doesn’t end with the Jihadis losing.

Dick Gregory

“The funding of insane jihadists”
That’s the sort of racist attitude towards Muslims facing genocide that we have become used to from War on Terror advocates.
“That the Syrian refugees are fleeing Assad, not “coalition” bombs….”
That’s exactly why they are fleeing.
‘Dr. David Nott: “Things started going wrong in about January, February, when the Syrian régime started using barrel bombs. Barrel bombs are this barrel full of TNT, maybe 500kg of TNT, which are dropped from about 6000 feet from a helicopter, and two or three or four of them are dropped at a time. It had 2 million people last year, there are only 350,000 this year, it’s because for the last 6-8 months, it’s been completely destroyed by barrel bombs…It was child after child who had horrendous wounds, you couldn’t really do much for, so the results from surgery were atrocious. The acute pain that families were suffering from their people, their family members dying, and not being able to help them, that was the worst part of it.” ‘


That’s the sort of racist attitude towards Muslims facing genocide that we have become used to from War on Terror advocates.

ISIS are collectively insane Dick. You’e not going to get any mileage out of pretending otherwise, and that clumsy racist ploy is just pathetic.

Things started going wrong in about January, February, when the Syrian régime started using barrel bombs. Barrel bombs are this barrel full of TNT, maybe 500kg of TNT, which are dropped from about 6000 feet from a helicopter, and two or three or four of them are dropped at a time

Yes. But this is just anecdotal Dick. It’s just this guy’s story. Who is he? What’s his agenda? How reliable is his unsubstantiated word? People are too sophisticated for this kind of thing to go over now without real corroboration. What we need is some hard evidence – rather than faked or mis-attributed evidence, which is all we’ve been offered so far – that Assad is using these ‘barrel bombs’. Why would he, after all, when he has plenty of real bombs? Is it not equally, or even more likely that one or more of the various ‘rebel’ groups are behind these things? Unlike Assad they don’t have an airforce and would therefore have to improvise. It’s puzzling why the MSM doesn’t even discuss this aspect.


Good point. The FSA’s air force is second to none in the world and everybody knows that they gassed their own families in East Ghouta, just ask Alex Jones. There is every evidence that the FSA is dragging an aircraft carrier across the desert now to use in a final assault on the freedom-loving and secular government of Syria that obviously has the support of the people gaining 97 percent of the vote in the last election.


I see you read the NYT quite a bit. if you’ve been in the habit of believing the world view they present then alternative news outlets like this one must be a terrible shock to your core belief systems, and that’s probably why you react with defensive hostility. Yet you clearly are attracted to alternatives or you wouldn’t be here. My advice is – persist, conquer your fear, replace hostility with real questioning and you may be happier for it.

BTW – I don’t read Alex Jones as a rule, so have no idea what all that sarcasm was even about – sorry 🙂

Tony Rossini (@Redbaron9495)

It’s widely known that the Saudis financed the acquisition of Chemical toxins which were used in chemical bombs in East Ghouta. It came through the Turkish border….surprise suprise….the same chemical bombs were also used in Aleppo.

Don’t even think that these foreign Jihadis from Al Nustra care little in killing local Syrian civilians nor destroying their infrastructure.


Sorry but the FSA is nothing more than a western proxy terrorist army. They did gas their own people. Imagine what they would do if in government.



What a load of fucking bullshit. There was an imperialist intervention in Kobane with Kurdish militia members sending GPS coordinates to American pilots so that they could bomb the shit out of ISIS. In fact, the “anarchist experiment” in Rojova would have been snuffed if it had not been for American bombs. What did idiots like John Rees, Robert Fisk, Patrick Cockburn say about that? Pretty much nothing….except for Cockburn who called for more bombing. You people have your heads up your asses.


Have just discovered this site. What a relief to come across intelligent analysis and comment outside the deeply corrupted MSM. Thank you.


Since Alan Rusbridger left, I have noticed that the Guardian has become more pro-government. I reckon they were got at by the security services, after their “visit” to Guardian HQ. Their readers are spotting it as well.

George Theodoridis

An excellent article which does not mince words as it re enforces the aphorism that in war the first casualty is the truth and it is shot down by the controlling media barons – who are part of the cabal of killers who cause them.

Bridget Harrer
Bridget Harrer

Wow! It had crossed my mind on several occasions that the Guardian might have undergone a “coup” by neocons……at least I got onto researching this one and came across the “Off Guardian”. Now I know! Good luck in getting the truth out to those who deserve to know the truth…….and by that i mean all those who can read!


You have formalised the thoughts that have been in the back of my mind. the current refugee crisis remind me of the Kosovan refugees amassing in the Macedonian border with the Macedonian police stopping them from boarding the trains, that was used as an pretext for attacking Serbians and carving Kosovo as an independent state, with the nearly disastrous events surrounding the Pristina airport and direct confrontation with Russians..

These shameless warmongers are busy setting up the world for another war, although there always is a curve ball that can change events, but we the people need to be vigilant that the these spiteful blood thirsty brigands do not turn our compassion into a ticket for more of the same nostrum; “bomb them to democracy and prosperity!”

Syria is not an easy war that can be won by simply putting troops on the ground.

Amanda Preston
Amanda Preston

Thank you for your genuinely “fearless and independent “to quote the Guardian’s irony deficient recent description of itself and intelligent journalism.
Your analysis is always insightful and yes, you do make a difference.


Thank you Amanda. That’s very much appreciated.