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The Telegraph being the Telegraph

Today the Telegraph accidentally sort of implied Russia is sending troops in to Syria…

Vladimir Putin confirms Russian military involvement in Syria’s civil war

…while admitting in the body of its own article that actually Putin just said almost the exact opposite – that direct Russian military intervention in Syria is “premature.”

“To say we’re ready to do this today – so far it’s premature to talk about this. But we are already giving Syria quite serious help with equipment and training soldiers, with our weapons,” the state-owned RIA Novosti news agency quoted Mr Putin as saying when asked about Russian intervention in Syria during an economic forum in Vladivostok.

“We really want to create some kind of an international coalition to fight terrorism and extremism,” Mr Putin said.

“To this end, we hold consultations with our American partners – I have personally spoken on the issue with US President Obama.”

I do hope this accidental misrepresentation of Putin’s views doesn’t make western intervention in Syria seem more justified in the eyes of Telegraph headline-skimmers. That would be a shame wouldn’t it.

But for a truly awesome bit of agenda-conflation you can’t beat this:

Jeremy Corbyn victory will prevent military action in Syria, senior Labour figures warn

Corbyn and Syria in single headline! And this terrific subhead seals the deal…

“Senior Labour and military voices round on Jeremy Corbyn, warning that his election as Labour leader could prolong the migrant crisis after he said he could not support deploying British troops overseas”

Oh, Corbyn. You old buzzkill.

See with what élan the Torygraph glides right past any of that pesky faux handwringing and discussion the Graun and the Indy still feel the need to indulge in prior to endorsing state-sponsored murder? It’s already cut to the chase while the erstwhile liberal papers are still just dropping hints. Send our boys to kill Saddam Osama Gaddafi Assad, and save the refugees – but only if we keep partypooper Corbyn from being Labour Leader.

God bless our quality press.


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Sep 6, 2015 5:24 PM

The Torygragh is still banging the drum for failed Middle East policy.
In the UK is debatable however whether There would be public support for intervention in Syria without going through the UN and being part of a wider coalition.
There is a slow recognition that all this bombing of countries creates the refugees crisis.
The UK also don’t want refugees from Calais or from Syria.
As for stories about Russia going to fight isis – I would bet the UK public would be happy that someone else is going to fight. As the failure to achieve anything in Afghanistan and Iraq and the loss of lives still lingers