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Guardian journalists can read minds

In the daily media march to war with Syria, as Tony Abbott, Andrew Mitchell and the former arch-bishop of Canterbury all start tooting their war horns – it’s important to savour the little things.

Like complete and utter dishonesty in the media. For example The Guardian’s article on Ban Ki Moon says this in the subhead:


But then neatly side-steps the fact he never actually said this:


I don’t think anymore need be said. Keep up the good work guys!


  1. Guest says

    Ban Ki Moon is a US puppet. He speaks when told too and is silent when his voice is needed.
    This crisis with these displaced people “flooding” europe is the pretext for more involvement in Syria
    The war drums are beating.

  2. Jennifer Hor says

    The Guardian is so obsessed with the dream of a no-fly zone over Syria and a US-led coalition invading the country, capturing Bashar al Assad and all those grateful Syrians handing flowers to Western soldiers that it ought to consider changing its name.

    Maybe The Guardian should call itself The Instigator, since that is now exactly what its life purpose is.

    PS Yalensis, if you’re reading … come back to KS!!! We all miss you!

    • Dear Jen:
      I miss you guys too!

      This past weekend I have launched my own blog, called “Awful Avalanche”, I hope OffGuardian editors don’t consider it spammy or narcissistic if I provide link to it, I think they might like it too, it’s translations from Russian-language press, here is the link to my blog, please come and visit me there, I miss you!

  3. Seamus Padraig says

    I heard a rumor that UNHCR will suspend food aid to the Syrian refugees in the ME. Any truth to this? If so, it would seem that Ban Ki Moon is pushing the refugees to make an exodus toward Europe.

  4. Ban Ki Moon is a complete U.S. tool, so he probably WAS actually thinking just that.
    Although this doesn’t give the Guardian the right to make s**t up!

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