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Ukraine: ATO army on threshold of PTSD epidemic


Photo Anastasia Vlasova

Politnavigator reports:

The Defense Ministry underestimates the number of soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), says the Kiev magazine “New time”.

The publication reports that according to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Vsevolod Stopluka, nine thousand soldiers from the combat zone had sought psychological or psychiatric help.

“Doctors stated they exhibit acute reactions to stress, adjustment disorders, and exacerbation of mental illness, which had not previously been observed,” continues the journal.

The weekly notes that independent psychologists tend to believe the data on those suffering from PTSD is strongly underestimated.

“They estimate that about 80% of participants in the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] have some kind of psychological disorder”, emphasizes the New Time. “That is, about 80 thousand are afflicted with post war syndrome, caused by poor adaptation to peaceful life, social insecurity and lack of a systematic program of psychological assistance. And military personnel are often unaware of the problems, living with PTSD for months. Although they could cope with the disorders, few people are involved in their adaptation to civilian life”.

“We can say that we stand on the threshold of a new epidemic of PTSD and other adjustment disorders”, concludes Vsevolod Steblyuk in the journal. […]


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  2. MSM Sock Puppets says

    Gee, I feel sorry for them. They must have gotten too close to the civilians they’ve massacred for comfort.

  3. Jen says

    This is horrific news especially as many of these soldiers are probably being thrown back again and again into fighting by the Kiev regime. As more Ukrainian men defect to avoid the draft, the regime is likely to start drafting women and younger people who should be in school into the army. This will expose more of the population to potential PTSD.

    One thinks of the effects of PTSD on US soldiers and their families, plus the fact that so many US military veterans from wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere join the police and other security forces in America, and how as a result American society has become more brutal and violent, and divisions between white and black people have worsened; and you really have to shudder at what a population where PTSD is widespread and untreated might be capable of.

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  5. Guest says

    This is actually very sad and will have repercussions for years to come

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