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VIDEO: German man could not bear media lies about refugees


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  5. Pboks says

    he gets one BIG fact WRONG: the US supports IS against Assad NOT for oil, which we Americans never got one drop of out of destroying Iraq. The US supports IS against Assad because it was demanded by the ISRAELIS who OWN the US foreign policy, who OWN the US media and OWN the US congress. Google CLEAN BREAK

    • Pboks says

      bush’s war cabinet was packed with the Israel-first authors of a document called CLEAN BREAK, which proposed a series of proxy wars to secure Israeli military hegemony by way of toppling all of Israel’s rivals beginning with Iraq. Luckily the Jews are split all the way to the top about whether a US war on Iran would be worth destabilizing israel’s US & European cash cow as last time. The guy is to be applauded for taking big steps in the right direction but “die nazis” (the ones who predicted that ALL of this would happen) were NOT supported against the USSR by the US, quite the opposite. Open your eyes and use your brains

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  8. Nemesis says

    Er hat ganz gleich das Europeische kabbala in Brussels ist zum kotzen!!! Es sind Verräter von alle Landern and Volkes, Sie sind verbrechern. Millionen lugen und toten.

    He is very right : the European kabbala in Brussel is fucking sick, vomiting sick!!! They are traiters of all the countries and people. They are criminals. Millions of lies and dead.

    So GUT?
    Right SO?

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  10. Yonatan says

    Wonderful. German is great for this. Could someone please include accurate German subtitles so us poor English speakers can pick up the words used?

  11. Sabine says

    I agree with Brad’s comment: the original German is much better but there are so many appropriate German words that cannot be translated, e.g. “verarschen” and “ankotzen”. The latter means “it makes me sick” which sounds terribly tame and not really good enough for a rant. The German sounds more expressive and impressive. This is true of many German words. They still have the same power as the Anglo-Saxon swear words used by native English speakers.

    I love this man because that’s exactly the language I use in my head or when I’m ranting to myself. Having lived in the South of England for 40 odd years, I miss verbalizing my expressive native language.

  12. Brad Benson says

    The original German is even better than the translation, which is actually not bad. This guy rocks. Please post his next comment that he promised would be coming on Saturday. I really want to see if the guy can get any angrier. Most Germans understand this very well and are as disappointed in their media as the rest of us. The original attack on Iraq and all subsequent attacks in North Africa and the Middle were all coordinated out of the US Facilities at Rhein-Main and Ramstein. None of this is legal under the German Constitution.

  13. David Glenn says

    Thank God there’s someone else in the world as wildly angry as me. Australian radio and press, including the publicly owned ABC, spews out the same lies as the European media at exactly the same time. It should be remembered that Australia invaded Iraq at the same time as Britain and the USA. Now the government here is planning to attack Syria. No one is called to account. Yet.

  14. Guest says

    This man is how I feel listening to the MSM saying the same lies over and over.

  15. Amer Hudson says

    This guy is speaking the truth. And nobody will hear it. It makes me angry as well….

  16. Peter Schmidt says

    The Guardian keeps taking off a comment. According him a container arrived in Greece full of weapons. It should have contained food.

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