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US Inadvertently Draws Comparison between US, Venezuelan Treatment of “Suspected Terrorists”

from Washington’s Blog

Practices in the US and Venezuela were called into relief this week when the US issued rhetoric condemning Venezuela for trying a suspected terrorist/coup-plotter and, when found guilty, sentencing him to prison time, while the US simultaneously executed 15 suspected terrorists without trial. These mass executions, which the US often carries out several times per week, represent what one of the world’s leading intellectuals calls the “biggest” campaign of terrorism of the contemporary era.

Despite US rhetoric revealing intention to continue aggression towards its small southern neighbor, Venezuela, itself a victim of US coup-plotting and attempts in 2003 and likely 2014, reaffirmed on the anniversary of a US-integrated coup in Chile (September 11, 1973), which installed a harsh military dictatorship, that Venezuela would continue to attempt “bilateral relations” with its traditionally dictatorial neighbor to the north.

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