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UN: Evidence on mass murder in Odessa mostly destroyed


In front of the Trade Union House in Odessa the day after the massacre.

Christoph Heinz, the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary and Arbitrary Executions briefed journalists in Kiev on September 18 (from 4:00 to 5:15 in the video below):

[…] As it’s to be expected, I looked at the Maidan protest and subsequent investigations into those events and also looked at the events of the second of May in Odessa.

In general, my concern applied to both these incidents that many of the pieces of evidence were destroyed directly after the events. It’s difficult to have proper follow-up and the processes of accountability have been extremely slow in terms of identifying the perpetrators. […]

In particular in respect of Odessa of concern is the low profile the police had during these events, and also the long period that the fire brigade took to come to the Trade Union House in spite of repeated calls to them to say that the Trade Union House was on fire. […]


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  2. Dear Pope Francis. this is Ainhoa again. I see that you are questioning the massacre in Odessa (whose evidence has disappeared) but not from my files. I have very clear pictures of the bodies of the victims many of them burnt alive.and other crimes committed against the people of Donbas, women raped by the Nazi battalion and then killed and buried in mass graves, children in pieces, elderly people, poor people who have lost their homes. Many children have been killed by shelling by the Ukrainian army. Those that survived and buried in basements without electricity, clean beds, and in many cases kept away from their parents and other beloved members of their families. I pray to God that you help these children get out of those horrible basements below the ground. If you can spare one hour while you are in New York, I can talk to you about the horrible things that are happening in Donbas (southeast Ukraine). Maybe you can convince President Poroshenko to leave his presidency and stop the war against its own people. I asked God to let me see and talk to you. I can be reached by email at Please Pope Francis let me talk to you.

  3. Jen says

    If Kiev’s regard for the evidence of who shot at the demonstrators and police on the Maidan in February 2014 and how the pro-federalisation rally activists died in Odessa on 2 May 2014 is a guide, I suppose that means we’ll never really know for sure who was / were the culpable parties who brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. We will be reduced to arguing over whether an SA11 missile or Ukrainian airforce fighter jets brought it down. The court case against Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights for not closing its airspace to civil action during war may founder on lack of direct evidence. Public anger in the countries whose citizens died on board will fester the longer resolution as to who or what brought down the passenger jet is delayed.

  4. That should give all of Kiev’s western enablers a warm feeling around their hearts when they think about the unrestricted access Ukraine has been granted to the evidence on the MH-17 disaster. Not to mention the veto Kiev was granted on the release of any conclusions reached by the investigation. Truly one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the NATO alliance, and ample evidence – if any were needed – that the west will stop short at nothing, no matter how low or debased or criminal, in order to realize its own objectives. Thoroughly revolting.

  5. Here were strong words by Heinz against the current Ukrainian government (and which should have been part of this news-report):
    “By allowing almost immediate access of the scene to ‘pro-unity’ protesters, members of the public or to municipal authorities, investigators lost a large proportion of potentially valuable forensic evidence. Meanwhile I am worried by indications that the Government has significantly reduced the size of the team investigating these events in the past year, before it has had an opportunity to report. The slow progress of the investigation and the lack of transparency with which it is being conducted have contributed to a great deal of public dissatisfaction and provided a fertile environment for rumour and misinformation. It is disconcerting that the Special Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that investigates the 2 May events cancelled our appointment in Odessa at short notice, without any explanation.
    I am further concerned that administrative and personal impediments seem to have been imposed to prevent or at least discourage the families of those who died from obtaining the status of suffering or affected persons before the Courts. Meanwhile I am greatly alarmed by reports of the extent to which authorities are tolerating both verbal and physical intimidation both of families attending court proceedings and of the judges of those cases, not only outside the court building, but also inside it and in the court room itself.”

  6. Without a link to the source, this article is trash. One wants to see the full press conference, if one is at all interested in this news story (which I am).

  7. Francis says

    It’s 16 months since Odessa, and this is the result? What is the point of Mr Heinz, or of the UN, for that matter?

    • Francis, you are blaming Heinz and the UN for incompetence on the part of whomever generated this news-report. Please see the excerpt that I have posted here from Heinz’s full statement.

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