Guardian’s glowing write-up of neo-nazi Aidar Battalion in stark contrast to its mockery of separatist volunteers

Catte Black

Interesting to compare Shaun Walker’s sneering piece in today’s Guardian on the foreign volunteers fighting for the”separatists”, with the grotesque and shameful fan write-up the same newspaper gave the neo-nazi “Women of the Aidar Battalion” back in March.

That article proved to be a PR disaster for the Guardian, as it features this photo:


…of a van bearing avowedly and unambiguously nazi symbolism. Within minutes of it appearing the Guardian’s comments section erupted in indignation that this supposedly liberal paper was running a sentimental sympathy piece about a collection of openly Hitler-worshipping racists.

The moderators initially tried to stem the tide with extreme censorship,scything down any mention of what the numbers on that van actually meant. But in the end the sheer press of people posting proved too much. The paper conceded defeat, and changed the caption of the offending photo from

“Anaconda says she is being treated well by the men in her battalion, but is hoping that the war will end soon.”


“Anaconda alongside a van displaying the neo-Nazi symbol 1488. The volunteer brigade is known for its far-right links.”

It was a small victory. Though the Graun didn’t alter or take down their glowing endorsement of the female fascists of Aidar, which stands today as it did then.

Note in today’s article Walker still feels able to put the word “fascists” in those obligatory quotes.

You be the judge of the ethical standards and human values on display here.

The Guardian’s latest attempt at shilling for the Ukraine Nazis


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