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“They have a cave troll…”

In the ongoing war for human consciousness that is the Guardian’s CiF, accusations of state-sponsored trolldom and of multiple identities operated by a single individual are the currency of debate. In fairness it must be said both sides indulge, though the majority of such accusations do stem from one side – viz those who like to claim that anyone expressing doubts about western/NATO policies must be in the pay of the Kremlin. And indeed this more than slightly paranoid POV seems to be shared by the Guardian moderators themselves.

Enjoy the delicious irony then, in the fact one of the few pieces of hard evidence showing just such multiple IDs in operation belongs to two accounts run by avidly, if not aggressively, pro-western identities.

Mark Nesop, of the wonderful Kremlin Stooge blog sent us some caps of a recent exchange on CiF between a commenter called “ColinJones2014” and an individual identifying himself as “Omniscience“, who suddenly switches mid-convo into being “GreatMountainEagle“, without breaking the flow of the exchange. Here’s the cap, with the relevant parts outlined…


For those interested here is GreatMountainEagle‘s publicly posted Guardian profile. And here is the one for Omniscience. As you can see, as of Sep 24, “they” are both still posting and have not been banned, even though they’ve been clearly exposed as being dual IDs for a single individual. Given the Guardian’s known concerns about trolling this seems very hard to explain. We can only assume they overlooked the incident.

Anyone who wants to point out the oversight can email cif.editors@theguardian.com or comment.editors@theguardian.com.

We’re sure the Guardian will be happy to hear from you, and once they know about this egregious abuse of “community standards” they will immediately ban both IDs.


  1. Seamus Padraig says

    Multiple IDs for the same user is a practice known as ‘sock puppets’. In principle, anyone can do this. But governments and corporations are said to have developed software that can allow a single user to digitally create and manage several sock puppets at once–provided they can keep them all straight!

    • Shatnersrug says

      Some people are just a bit sad and run more than one account, but it does look suspicious I’ll agree, I’ve had a 4 accounts now – not at one time I hasten to add – I’ve been banned for losing my shit at Nick Cohen’s war mongering on a number of occasions.

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