Guardian: “Israel finally stops taking it easy on Palestine.”

by Kit

After years of criticism for their soft-heartedness, and hundreds of Israeli casualties from savage stone-throwing-related terrorist attacks, Israel is finally taking a stern line on the Palestinian issue.

This the world The Guardian lives in. Or, at least, pretends to live in when they publish headlines like this


That is the Guardian’s description of the new rules Israel just introduced, that will allow armed soldiers to shoot live ammunition at children who throw stones at them.

These changes are described as “tough new rules”, I imagine in much the same way that the Spanish Inquisition could be considered “a sterner line on the heretic issue”.

This is a good thing really, especially for those of us who harbor a lot of rage. For example: Next time a person cuts you off in traffic, feel free to follow them, run them off the road and stab them in the eyes. While such behaviour, in times past, may have merited the description “murderous”, “illegal” or even “psychotic”…we have moved on now. In the Guardian’s brave new world such actions could be simply described as “tough new rules for reckless drivers” or that you had “relaxed your anti-stabbing policy”.


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