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Russian Foreign Ministry: Threat of ISIS Caliphate is unique, like fascism in 20th century

Maria Zakharova, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry

LifeNews reports:

The spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the world is faced with an unprecedented brutality — as in the time of Nazi Germany.

The establishment of the ISIS caliphate in the modern world and the spread of fascism in the twentieth century have one thing in common: the prior world history did not know analogues of such threats, said in an interview with LifeNews the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova.

“Many people in New York at the UN General Assembly said that Russia has abused parallels with the Second World War. But the fact is that now, as then, the world is faced with an unprecedented level of cruelty. Same as the growth of fascism did not have examples in history, we now face a threat without precedent”, she said.

Zakharov also said, speaking about the scale of the proliferation of ISIS that the problem went beyond the usual terrorism.

“We’re not dealing with a group or an organization, but with an actual state that refuses to obey international laws. The territory of ISIS is a real empire, the caliphate”, said Maria Zakharova.


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