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BBC censoring its own licence-payers

According to an item on Liveleak the BBC has just wiped from its website hundreds of comments that criticised the accuracy of its reporting on the Syrian crisis.

Those presently campaigning to “save the BBC” might want to reflect this is a state-controlled broadcasting outlet which has consistently presented pro-government propaganda to the point of flagrant dishonesty. If Cameron is stupid enough to scrap the licence fee for one of his most loyal lap dogs then more fool him and the better off UK citizens will be.

An Article published on the 6th of October 2015 by the BBC, titled ‘Syria conflict: Russia violations of Turkish airspace ‘no accident’, included a rare free to comment section for BBC members to comment and express their views.

The comment thread was then flooded with more than 1000 comments, mostly contradicting the BBC narrative and showing support to Russia’s air campaign in Syria. The following day, the majority of top rated comments suddenly became flagged for ‘breaking the house rules’.





  1. Kirsty Turnbull says

    This is not news. The BBC have been doing this for years and even stopped any Scottish IP addressEs from commenting on their website for 2 years on the run up to the Indy Ref last year. No one could comment on anything to do with politics with a Scottish IP

    • Truthertom says

      Well I was unaware of that but can easily believe it as I have been aware of the manipulation of the comments section in the MSM and to be fair it is only in the Independent that I have never been censored to some degree but surely it is good to have up for discussion and change could be on the way. I have huge hopes for the MOMENTUM forum being a place to exchange News from the Alternative Press and boycott the propaganda of the Zionist press.

  2. The general public’s response to Russia’s intervention has come as a bit of a shock to the government and their media megaphones, I think. Perhaps they thought that the steady drip-drip of anti-Russian propaganda over the years had done its job and that we’d lap up their interpretations of Russia’s intervention in Syria. Then they find it hasn’t. All that propaganda – for nowt. We don’t believe Russia or Putin are the greatest threats of the 21st century and we’re not buying the lies.

    That’s not to say that Putin is squeaky-clean, but he’s a damn sight cleaner than he’s been made out to be. Belligerent willy-waving at the Russians and threats against their aircraft, rather than doing the diplomatic thing and engaging in strategic talks, demonstrate nothing more than a warmongering mindset that exposes quite what a sabre-rattling lot the western governments (specifically the US and the UK) really are.

  3. anna says

    British Brainwashing Corporation controlled by ziobot. …Cohen and Co……not much hope really.

  4. ha the bbc stopped comments from being posted during the scottish independence ref, the guardian has deleted several of my comments after using snp, when comparing the coverage of corbyn during the labour leadership race, there is a wee campaign going on up here to get the viewing figures for reporting scotland, the flagship news prog up here, its reportedly only 15,000 at times, many, many cs refuse e be at all ncluding myself

  5. Neil says

    If the BBC reported that the sky was blue ,I’d still look outside and check.

  6. The entire MSM is headed in the far-right-wing direction, following Murdoch’s lead.

    They are poodles, being led around by big business, uninterested in the thoughts and feelings and opinions of their readers and viewers. The BBC censoring – yep, censoring – its own comments page is PROOF.

  7. Peter Schmidt says

    The first 10 or so comments all had recommendation of over 300 and they were all pro Russian. Even after deleting them, the next 15 or 20 top ones were still pro Russians, but with recommendations of around 80 to a 100.

  8. menelion123 says

    yup – pre-mod, moddding, blocking, banning, by the Beeb and the Graud. Been there done that many times for years now (since Iraq 1).

    It’s nice to see so many other people starting to see thru the MSM for the pseudo Ministry of Truth, memory hole-loving scumbags that they are.

    And anything which gives them a helping hand down the slippery slope to oblivion and irrelevance that is so richly deserved for them is to be welcomed.

    Screw them all

    • Good find. This ties in with that Valenti piece from last month which I did response to, and a couple of other articles of similar kind as well. The same idea popping up all over the place like this strongly suggest it’s a roll-out of some kind, being disseminated through the usual propaganda channels to see if it would land. It didn’t, so they’ve pulled back on the “banning comments forever” idea for a while.

  9. Guest says

    The bbc don’t even mention the war in Yemen and the hummanitarian crisis there in the poorest country in the middle East.

  10. Guest says

    The BBC couldn’t even mention in its headline that the fact the U.S. bombed an afghan hospital.
    It writes vague articles about saudi arabia and Qatar funding “the army of conquest” without questioning the jihad links of these countries and the mercenaries they fund from outside Syria.
    There reporting is a disgrace
    I am heartened that the public have taken the opportunity to respond to the blatant anti Russian news, it actually means that the public have learned lessons from the iraq war warmongering for neo cons; but the bbc have not .

  11. I stopped supporting the Guardian after I asked them to stop being Russophobic and gave them an article from the Ukrainian Press in which Poroshenko admitted before the high Council that the coup that removed Yanukovych was illegal. Not only did they not print the article or make any mention of the reports by several mainstream Ukrainian TV but they posted a Putin bashing article about 3 days later which was pure propagandist lies from two of the contributors. The third contribution, which was the only honest non propagandist and sane response which did not involve muck raking, lies and bitching was from a Russian reporter. He was polite, truthful and reasonable, pretty much says it all about the Guardian. Now known by ex readers as the Graud. The BBC – Britain’s Bigoted Corporates.

  12. Truthertom says

    Yes I have just been reading the comments in the Daily Mail about the Russian campaign and they are all totally behind Russia and it seems like the MSM are seriously losing all credibility, as the part they play is becoming increasingly evident, to the point of embarrassment, you would think, as they seem to be facing a barrage of ridicule from their own readers.

  13. Yeah. Don’t know about BBC, but at the guardian you can do no wrong with any sort of russophobic slur; calling Russia a nation of heroin addicts is not a problem. But pointing out to an obvious lie by Shaun Walker will get you deleted, then pre-moderated, and then banned. It’s just how it is. Hey, as they say: they own the means of production…

  14. The whole MSM edifice is unraveling from The Guardian and the BBC to the usual suspects. This is happening whlist we have a right wing government whose neo liberal consensus the MSM supports and protects. We are witnessing a sea change in information exchange that is destroying their very existence. How bizarre that they veer to the right and we wake up and have our own opinions. Who would have thunk it?

  15. David Kidner says

    Now where have I come across this sort of censorship before . . . I think it began with G . . .

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