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US pulls warship out of Persian Gulf


Iran’s Press TV reports:

The United States has pulled out the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a massive, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, of the Persian Gulf as Russian warships have entered the area.

For the first time since 2007, the US Navy has now no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, according to NBC News.

The warship was withdrawn from the Persian Gulf on Thursday, a day after Russia fired 26 long-range cruise missiles from its Caspian Flotilla against terrorists in Syria, Pentagon officials said.

US military officials claimed that the aircraft carrier, which the houses about 5,000 sailors and 65 fighter jets, was withdrawn because it needed to undergo maintenance. […]

Republican Senator John McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on Thursday that Washington should “just leave” Syria “if all of your [US] actions are dictated by the risk of confrontation with Russia.”

Peter Daly, a retired Navy vice admiral, noted that the absence of a US aircraft carrier is being noticed by Russians. […]


  1. Russia launched 26 anti-ship cruise missiles at a range of 900 miles at Syria from the Caspian, demonstrating their ability to launch 26 Klubs in rapid succession at a range that could hit anywhere in the Persian gulf, and that Iran is willing to permit Russia to use their airspace to do so.

    The next day the USS Theodore leaves the Persian gulf.

    This was essentially a demonstration, so the US, think you can shoot down our anti ship missiles? How about 26 of them simultaneously? The US response? “Bug out!”

    • Eric_B says

      actually the Klubs aren’t anti ship missiles. too slow, and only guided by GLONASS, i.e. fixed targets only.

      the anti ship missiles are the Sunburn/Moskit missiles which travel at mach 2 and above. but they have a far shorter range.

      • Eric_B says

        That’s not to say that the launch of the Klub salvo wasn’t a demonstration of long range power to the Middle East region in general. It obviously was.

        • Wikipedia describes it the 3M-54E Klub-S and the 3M-54E1 variants as anti ship missiles and have a supersonic final stage.

          The missile type they fired must have been the 3M-14E – DOD designation SS-N-30B to have that kind of range, is described as a land attack missile and doesn’t have the supersonic final stage, according to wikipedia.

          • Eric_B says

            oh i see. i suppose there’s different mission packs that can be bolted on then.

  2. McCains head has exploded already .Mark my words the yanks along with the whole anglo -american cabal wont let this die . The pentagon has already stated they will stop the training but will increase the arming of the destabalisers . What a bunch of evil people . Yesterdays news gets wrapped in todays fish.

  3. Jen says

    The withdrawal of the USS Theodore Roosevelt from the Persian Gulf sounds like an admission that the investment of billions of dollars into these stupendous ships is a waste from a purely military point of view and more a projection of power to intimidate easily impressionable lesser nations, of which there are fewer in the world than there were in 1945.

    How useful is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with some 5,000 aboard in a narrow seaway like the Persian Gulf? Who ever thought up that idea really needs their head examined.

  4. Eric_B says

    which Russian warships have entered the Gulf?

    Mosva is heading for the coast of Syria, and there’s also the cruise missile ships in the Caspian.

    if the Russians are sending more ships to the Gulf, it looks like they’re capable of opening a big can of whoopass any time they want anywhere in the region.

  5. DomesticExtremist says

    I wonder how many IS fighers/”Syrian refugees” were on board?

  6. misericordia says

    Can the U.S. government keep a secret? American columnist Dave Barry thought not:

    “It’s not that I don’t think that the government would try to hide dead aliens; it’s that I don’t think the government would succeed, since every time the government tries to do something secretly, as in the Iran-contra arms deal, it winds up displaying all the finesse and stealth of an exploding cigar at a state funeral.”

    On this particular occasion, John McCain is the exploding cigar.

    • Though of course even when their nasty secrets do come spilling out the 1%-controlled media tends to overlook the fact, which can mean that even revealed secrets can remain hidden in plain site. Seen, but unreported.

  7. Guest says

    The U.S. really should stop seeing Russian actions as an attack on them. They need to understand not everything is about them.
    They were in Iraq for 13 years and Syris since 2011 doing nothing to bring peace and stability.
    The situation with the growth of ISIL cannot be ignored and if they don’t want to join Russia in tackling the issue they are in essence part of the problem.

    • Steve B. says

      Do you know how fucking dumb that is? I mean how can the munitions manufacturers make money if you bomb a place for a couple weeks. They bombed Libya for 77 days and Libya didn’t even want trouble. All Libya wanted was to create another currency backed by gold and share the water under their desert with the rest of the region so they could grow food and not be so dependent on American food. So they let Gaddafi pipe in the whole desert and then they say he was an asshole and attacked. Russia and China can create their own currency and they won’t be fucked with

  8. Marc Krizack says

    Maybe this should be seen as the US coordinating with Russia?

  9. menelion123 says

    excellent – the US is being pushed out i hope
    goodbye and fuck off USA 🙂

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