Searches in Kiev: Svoboda party members suspected of Maidan mass murder


About one hundred people, including 18 police officers, were shot to death by snipers in Kiev’s Independence Square on February 20 2014,Con l’Ucraina antifascista reports:

Aleksandr Aronets, spokesman of Svoboda in Kiev, reports [see below] that this morning there were raids against members of Svoboda, on suspicions of mass murder during the Maidan – murders that were attributed to “snipers of former President Yanukovitch and to Berkut [the police]. Among the materials in the hands of investigators is a video [see below] where you see someone shoot from a window of the hotel “Ukraine” on Independence Square, protesters and police. The room in question (no. 1132) was occupied by the Svoboda deputy Oleg Pankevich.

Recall that the National Fascist party Svoboda was one of the main organizations to take part in the violence that led to the coup, with the not hidden support of the EU and US. In fact its leader Oleg Tjagnibok had numerous meetings with John McCain, Victoria Nuland and European representatives, like the then High Representative for EU Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton.

In recent months, however, Tagnibok’s party  (who also formed a battalion of volunteers sent to the Donbass) entered into a collision course with Poroshenko and the majority of the Verkhovnaja Rada [Parliament]. In September, the militants of Svoboda, along with other fascist groups, arranged a fight [in front of the Rada] which resulted in three deaths and hundreds of injured.

The searches do confirm what had surfaced from wiretaps between Ashton and Foreign Minister Paet of Estonia, which showed that the snipers were not “governmental”, but professionals hired by the far-right organizations.


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