Syrian Archbishop: Western leaders “screwing” Syrians by supporting terrorists

Using bulldozers, Islamic State militants destroyed the ancient Mar Elian monastery in Al-Qaryatain, in the central Syrian province of Homs (link).

An excerpt from an interview with the Archbishop of Hassakeh-Nisibi for the Syriac Catholics, Jacques Behnan Hindo (video below):

— Do you think that, despite everything, a political solution is possible for the future of Syria?

—It is always possible. However, the first thing that must happen is for these terrorists to leave. That’s it. That is the sine qua non condition. And when they are gone, we Syrians can come to an agreement.

We had already several towns where the Army entered because the residents had had enough, and expelled the foreigners that were in their town. And now they live much more quietly. In our region it’s the same… and in all the cities and villages of the north.

Yes, there are opponents [to the state]. I myself am not all that much for the government. However, when I compare what awaits me with these people to what I have today, I say to myself, “I am very well today.”


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