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Telesur documentary: Inside Saudi Arabia

Meet the new head of the United Nations panel on Human Rights: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Abby Martin takes us inside the brutal reality of this police-state monarchy, and tells the untold people’s history of resistance to it.


  1. rakabuba says

    I support the Saudi rules…well, i know u all would think ill of me, but the main reason is that the country acts is according to its religion.I have been to Saudi Arabia a few number of times and i see them extremely devout and god fearing.And frankly i support their view-point of the laws.
    Reason-A few years ago, my sister was raped, and the rapist was caught but he only got 10 years jail time, and he became free because of parole in 6 years,whereas in Saudi Arabia, the punishment is immediate execution, which is fitting for such a hideous crime.
    If god forbid this happens to any of you, you all would feel my pain, you would accept it too….

  2. Frigga Karl says

    That is clear that US/SAUDI/EU Oligarchies lead humanity into a new era of Barbarism.There is no doubt about it and the UN is assisting to this ‘beautiful’ human adventure. There is nothing left of this thin layer called culture or civilisation on this planet. Humanity is stepping back to a brainless existence were we have already been, at the age of Nanderthaler but with more destructive tools in our hands. How is this possible? Where is the worldwide protest against barbarism, against Israeli barbarity in Palestine? How can Israel go ahead with its major crimes in Palestine since 1948 ? We are in 2015 and it is even more barbarous now. Israel is committing GENOCIDE in slow motion since 1948 and three generations are watching this terror! Political zionism is the most barbarous form of state governance. There is no place for human rights in its inherent racism. Israli children growing up with this racist ideology (Jewish only). Where are the massive protests of the Jewish people against this mental sequestration?

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  4. Rudy Valeriano says

    In 1973 because the US Dollar was already on its last stretch of being a viable currency ,Kissinger made a deal with Saudi Arabia to sell oil only in USDollars. This made the dollar new again. And this became known as the Petro Dollars. But the agreement did not end there,K added a cherry on top, he proposed the kingdoms increase its oil price from $2.50 to $11 per barrel.Hence the start of the overheating ME economies.And America continued its spending spree. But now, the Yemeni conflict, the growing militancy in the kingdom,the oil price decline is stressing the kingdom. There is a new sherif in the middle east, his name is Vlad the Impaler.

  5. j.garbo says

    American “democracy”, Saudi “human rights”. No contradiction.

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