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Russian MFA: Delivering Stingers to ISIS would mean siding with “terrorist international”


Sputnik International reports:

If the terrorists in Syria obtain portable surface-to-air missiles Russia will view it as direct means of condoning terrorism and will bring the matter before the UN Security Council, a Russian deputy foreign minister said on Saturday.

“Thus far we have registered no advanced MANPADS ending up in the hands of the terrorists, but we know about their attempts to obtain such Western weapons in neighboring countries,” Oleg Syromolotov said.

He stressed that delivery of shoulder-fired missiles to any of the terrorist groups active in Syria would mean that the supplying country had sided with the “terrorist international.”

“I want this to be viewed as a serious warning,” Syromolotov added.

According to the news agency REGNUM, Russia’s General Military Staff warned on Sunday that in the event of Islamic State terrorists obtaining US-made Stinger missiles, the issue of condoning terrorism would be submitted for consideration by the UN Security Council.


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