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More than half of Ukrainians ready to start new Maidan

A rally on Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti, or Independence Square, in early December 2013. Photo Gleb Garanich/Reuters

RIA reports:

Kyiv, October 19. More than 50% of Ukrainians are ready to start a “new Maidan” if the quality of life in the country continues its rapid decline. These are the results of a new survey made by the [Ukrainian] polling organization “Rating”.

According to data published on the official website of the organization, only 28% of Ukrainian citizens think it is better to put up with financial difficulties for the sake of preserving order in the country, while 53% of respondents said that in case of a significant deterioration in living conditions it is better to take to the streets to protest.

“Characteristically, these figures almost match those that were recorded in December 2013  [when the mass Euromaidan demonstrations leading to the fall of the Viktor Yanukovych government started in Ukraine] (29 and 50%, respectively),” – said the representatives of “Rating”. […]


  1. Why not ask Victoria Nuland what’s next? Listen you’re entire ‘analysis” is wrong. For one you don’t even mention the nature of the beast, the first Maiden which Nuland was running using Right Sector and other known neo Nazi terrorist groups including the Banderistas. This next Maiden will be the actual Nazis making their bid to take over which has very forseeable results. Ukrainians better be very careful with any “assistance” they get in the name of “color revolution”.

  2. Guest says

    Ukrainians keep having their colour revolutions and ending up with different oligarchs in power. They Will probably get YUkia Timoshenko next

    • Seamus Padraig says

      And each color-rev is worse than the last. First it was Timoshenko & Yushchenko, now it’s Porky & Yats. I shudder to think who’ll be next. Some nazi, maybe?

      • Jen says

        Perhaps that’s why Andrey Parubiy is visiting London because he’ll be out of the way if a new Maidan blew up in the next few weeks and the current lot of politicians under Poroshenko are thrown out and chased out of town. Then Parubiy could be called upon to form a new government or a government in exile.

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