Video: Free Syrian Army general’s 2013 ultimatum to “international community”

Still from video below.

Excerpt from an interview with Free Syrian Army general Abd Al-Baset Tawila on the Al-Jazeera network in June 10, 2013:

[…] I give the international community  one month to provide the rebels and the FSA with weapons and ammunition, so that we can defeat this criminal [Assad] regime. We give them one month.

If we see that the international community continues to desert our revolution, we will reveal all the evidence we have (about the use of chemical weapons).

I think you know full well that I mean what I say. […]

Nine days later The Telegraph reported:

Syrian rebels get first heavy weapons on the front line of Aleppo

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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I really like the Slovenes a lot.
Better than the rest of us in many respects (ex-yu people).
Great insight BTW. Thanks a lot.


Here are some posts from the comments section of SLOVENIA’s national broadcaster on 23 October 2015 under the article entitled Putin: Assad ready to collaborate with the rebels to fight ISIS (my rough translation of the posts from Slovene to English):

ATL: “politically acceptable rebels of the FSA, which the Gulf and the western countries regard to be moderate rebels”

I do not understand how the FSA can be politically acceptable. They are former generals who want to topple Assad using weapons. Nobody democratically elected them and since they have weapons in their hands they surely are not moderate opposition.

I have no idea why the EU keeps supporting this non-elected FSA. It seems that now some promise of future ‘democracy’ is enough for the EU to support everyone running around with weapons.

On the other hand, Assad does not kill the westerners, he is fighting the terrorists and he seems to be ready to cooperate with the west. Yet, he is vilified.

— 50 thumbs up, 4 thumbs down

Assad is vilified because he refuses to be a puppet of western ‘democracy’.

— 65 up, 6 down

Obama has the Nobel prize for peace. On the other hand, Putin is denigrated. I surely do not understand this.

— 52 up, 5 down

Where are those Russian missiles that allegedly fell on Iran? Deafening silence.

— 18 up, 2 down

And on 21 October under the article entitled Assad in Moscow: “Russia prevented a tragic scenario in Syria”:

And once again the Russians are saving the world from evil. In WWII they saved us from Nazism and now from terrorism.

— 93 up, 21 down

Europe is in effect occupied by NATO, in particular Germany. Until Europe liberates itself from the American rule, there will be no peace in Europe.

— 49 up, 2 down

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