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Video: US air-dropped ammunition and supplies to ISIS in Baiji refinery

Still from the video below.

On October 16 the Iraqi army and their allied Shiite militias announced they had fully retaken the oil refinery at Baiji from Islamic State militants. Shot a few days before, this video has since gone viral in Iraq:

“The [US] parachutes are inside the Baiji oil refinery. The US air-dropped ammunition and supplies to ISIS using such methods.”


  1. The US is in danger of kicked out of Iraq altogether The Iranian backed Militia and Sunni tribal fighters are not happy, with the performance of the US , the word is Haider al-Abadi Could be replaced. The battle for Anbar comes next and the fighters want the US out and Russia in The US will need to up their game big time from here on in

    • zvezdicaslo says

      The Iraqi government is not happy with the US either and wants Russia to intervene. Eh, and the US is not happy with the Iraqi government because it refuses to be a US puppet – ‘democracy’ US-style on display once again.

      For a change, both Obama and Putin agree that the illegal occupation of Iraq by the US/UK eventually created ISIS. And so do many Middle East experts. And so do 82% Syrians and 85% Iraqis, according to a recent ORB poll conducted this summer. No wonder that the Iraqi government now works together with Syria, Russia and Iran in relation to bombing ISIS rather than with the US/UK.

      But but but … if the coalition of hypocrites are so great and efficient and striking the hell out of ISIS, why on earth does the Iraqi PM want Russia to strike in Iraq? There are several very mighty foreign military powers already operating in Iraq.

      And why is the coalition of hypocrites NOT coordinating its activities with the “information center in Baghdad used by Russian, Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian security specialists and military”? Is it because they are instead cooperating with all sorts of ‘moderate rebels’ (including Syrian Al Qaeda) and ISIS? Is the coalition of hypocrites upset because Russia means it seriously and will cut off the oil smuggling routes?

      The masks are slipping. Russia’s military intervention exposed the true nature of the coalition of hypocrites for the whole world to see.

      Reuters, 13 October 2015:

      Iraq has begun bombing Islamic State insurgents with help from a new intelligence center with staff from Russia, Iran and Syria, a senior parliamentary figure said on Tuesday about cooperation seen as a threat to U.S. interests in the region.

      The center has been operational for about a week, and it provided intelligence for air strikes on a gathering of middle-level Islamic State figures, Hakim al Zamili, the head of parliament’s defense and security committee, told Reuters.

      The new security apparatus based in Baghdad suggests the United States is losing clout in a strategic oil-producing Middle East, where it has been heavily invested for years.

      And this deal was reached before Russia’s bombing:

      CNN, 28 September 2015:

      Iraq says it has reached a deal to share intelligence with Russia, Iran and Syria in the fight against ISIS militants.

      The news comes amid U.S. concerns about Russia’s recent military buildup in Syria and would appear to confirm American suspicions of some kind of cooperation between Baghdad and Moscow.

      1 October 2015

      Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi says he would welcome Russian air strikes in Iraq, haven’t discussed it with Putin; says he would be ‘amazed’ if Russia is not targeting Islamic State, as Putin told him it was in Russia’s interest. (Reuters

      6 October 2015

      Russia ready to consider Iraqi request for airstrikes – Upper House speaker

      Russia would consider an Air Force operation against ISIS in Iraq if that country’s authorities make such a request, Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko told reporters, adding that Russia’s only interest was in defeating ISIS.

      During the meeting with her Jordanian colleague, Matviyenko stated that Russia was calling upon all states that see the Islamic State as a threat to join the information center in Baghdad used by Russian, Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian security specialists and military. She added that Russia was ready for other forms of cooperation with all nations that share the common goal of fighting international terrorism. (RT)

      Video: Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

      Here’s something you probably never saw or heard about in the west. This is Putin answering questions regarding ISIS from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014. [October 2014 = a year ago!]

      Note: The overall meeting’s theme was The World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules?.

      Putin is saying somewhat similar things as Obama:

      President Obama claims rise of Isis is ‘unintended consequence’ of George W. Bush’s invasion in Iraq

      Independent, March 2015

      Mr Obama said: “Isis is a direct outgrowth of al-Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion.

      To my best knowledge, there has been only one recent poll conducted across Syria. The ORB pollsters say that the poll is representative of the people of Syria. A similar poll was also conducted in Iraq. Both polls were conducted in June-July 2015:

      82% of Syrians agree that ISIS was foreign-created by the US (17% disagree).

      85% of Iraqis agree that ISIS was foreign-created by the US (10% disagree).

      Note: The poll has a margin of error of +/-3 percentage points.


      ORB/IIACSS poll in Iraq and Syria gives rare insight into public opinion (article on ORB’s website)

      Full polling reports by the British ORB International (affiliate of WIN/Gallup International):


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