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US Congresswoman: Russia, Iran and Hezbollah “working to defeat our common enemy”


  1. She is right about fighting the enemies of the real democracy and say that the US government is working side by side with the enemy. I think she is correct on that, but there is something that she is very cautious to say that its ISRAEL behind all this mess. Our government works for Israel crazy dreams of Imperialism in the Middle East. They did 9/11 for this same purpose to start all these wars for the benefit of this entity, Israel.

  2. Systematic says

    A Tulsi Gabbard/Wolf Blitzer followup to the video above:

    “Why is the US working hand-in-hand with ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Islamic Extremist groups, our sworn enemies who attacked us on 9/11, to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad?”

  3. Eric says

    Pretty amazing for a Rep on the U.S. Armed Services Cttee (did Blitzer know what he was getting?).

    The only omission was that the CIA/Pentagon aggression is illegal, not only under domestic law but international law, because it’s not authorized by the UN Security Council. Of course, a U.S. politician can’t acknowledge that any other country should have a say in U.S. wars of aggression.

    • CNN is owned by an Israeli whose name is Aviv Novo.
      BBC, CBS, FOX News, CNN, etc are owned by the Jews.

      • Please try to make political points without resorting to racism. “The Jews” don’t own anything. Any more than “the Gentiles” do. The super-rich are a club that gives no damns about racial origins. That’s just something they like to encourage the 99% to fight about, because it’s a handy and divisive distraction.

  4. Jeff. You are still dreaming when most people are waking up to the real world. Lets get real, the real terrorists have been the US government but behind all this is the Judaic Criminal Mafia for the sake of Greater Israel.

  5. Jeff says

    I noticed this didn’t have a dateline on it, so I searched the CNN site for it. It didn’t turn up, search what I might. I don’t want to get conspiratorial here, but what the hey?

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