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Breaking: ISIS claims downing Russian passenger plane in Sinai (updated)


Breaking: #IS claims responsibility for #Russia’s plane crash in #Egypt


Unconfirmed video posted by A3MAQ [unofficial IS news source] footage of Russian plane descending and exploding in the air:

[Note: We removed the video because, although posted by A3MAQ, there are doubts about its authenticity]

Translation of the statement in the screencap above:

“The fighters of the Islamic State were able to down a Russian plane over Sinai province that was carrying over 220 Russian crusaders. They were all killed, thanks be to God.”

Gazeta updates the situation:

The group “Islamic State”, through the friendly Aamaq news agency, assumed responsibility for the crash of Airbus 321. This information was also posted by the Reuters agency.

This official confirmation of this information is not available. We also know that the local fighters have no weapons capable of hitting a flying target at such a height.

Earlier, the security service of the North Sinai region said a technical malfunction was the main likely cause of the crash. […]


  1. I don’t think it was ISIS but certainly was the Israel Secret Intelligence Services. It was the MOSSAD, that is the way they operate. They kill innocent people without mercy. That is the Modus Operandi of the Jews.

  2. American Graffiti says

    Notice the route of the plane. It skirts the Saudi border. Not implausible at all that it was downed even from Saudi territory with advanced SAMs. How many wahabi clerics was it that declared jihad on Russia? 50? 100? Add to that that even two failing engines would allow a 20 mile glide path and not a near vertical descent. Not implausible at all. The black boxes will tell the tale.

  3. Jen says

    Let’s consider a few things. How, all of a sudden, has ISIS made an appearance in the Sinai? How did they get there?

    What reason would they have for claiming that they brought down the Airbus, if no evidence can be found that they were responsible and all the evidence that can be collected points to technical failure, pilot error or some other cause?

    Even if they did bring down the plane, what reason can they have for doing so? Leaving aside the psychopathic nature of their leadership, we must ask what they would hope to gain from shooting down a Russian plane. It cannot be because they all hope to reach Paradise and their share of an infinite number of dark-eyed houris there in the fastest way possible; they must have received a directive to do so. Can it be that the ultimate intention is to draw Russia into a much wider war in the Middle East, by exploiting the grief of victims’ families in St Petersburg and elsewhere and that grief translating into pressure on Moscow to respond in vengeance?

    • When you consider IS is US and that’s already exposed, and getting more so… this makes no sense.

      According to news the Airbus had previous rudder control problems, (stupid design where you input a control demand and a stupid computer thendecides toobey or not)!!

      Apparently pilot has asked to return to an airfield. Radar noted descent at 6000fpm. Emergency descent we used to do on training in the SVC10s gave us 10,000fpm.

  4. Sad loss of life again , but their are always victims in war time……again why fly over war zone. The war will have to expand and more chaos. The american zionazis have lost the plot , failed inn east ukraine with the other airplane mh17…..shot down by the fasists and their proxies as well…..i doubt this was an accident….prepare for further expansion of the conflict……the corrupt murdering western, saudi, zio alliance is going down as well one way or another. Respect to all those that are losing their lives. I guess the fireworks have only just begun…..boom….shakti shiva…..peace on earth through eradication of enemies of the free world and their sicko sponsors….bless

  5. Meanwhile in celebration or justification of IS atrocities the Graund becomes s**t pedlars:
    “So sad. And Guardian has instead a silly and rather disgusting article suggesting that Russians are coprophagic. Shameful.”
    The Graund does not know how deep it has plunged in it’s dive to the bottom of the barrel of slime, by now it has surpassed even the daily fail and the sun, it’s demise is not now, far behind. Perhaps they have not realised how many POW’s in Belson and in Japanese camps, starving and dying prisoners had to resort to coprophagia (those who weren’t dying of dysentery) just to live one more day. Well done the Graund.

  6. So sad. And Guardian has instead a silly and rather disgusting article suggesting that Russians are coprophagic. Shameful.

  7. Roger says

    The second half of the film is taken from the air??? And no more smoke??

    • Pique Dame says

      Seems to me as if the second half is the same event filmed by another camera.

  8. Roger says

    If this is true – and even if it were a russian transport plane – Isis is beyond stupid: the russian revenge will be ferocious.

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