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Video: Hezbollah soldier confronts ISIS militants

A Hezbollah soldier lectures ISIS militants during a truce about how their actions are benefiting Israel.


  1. Tariq Jabal says

    Awesome, good to see friend and foe talking to each other. Hopefully this can continue, neo-con Zionists wish to see you fighting each other, not talking. Good work to both sides for talking and listening.

  2. Jeff says

    Quite fascinating. I would have liked a little more info — for instance, translation of the other guys’ shouts, some idea of who they were (ISIS? Nusra?). “Terrorist” is a bit all-encompassing.

  3. Amer Hudson says

    Fascinating. And the man is right – the Neo-Con/Zionist agenda in the Middle-East is what they should be fighting against. Not each other.

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