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Syrian army breaks 2 year ISIL siege of airbase in Aleppo


Free at last: One of the 300+ soldiers inside military airbase after the Syrian army lifted the IS siege.

RT reports:

Elite Syrian army units have broken the siege of Kweires airbase, following weeks of intense fighting against Islamic State and other jihadist forces. The base, which opens up routes for offensives against Raqqa and Aleppo, had been encircled for nearly two years.

“We, the heroes of Kweires, are now celebrating this victory with our brothers,” a soldier told Syrian state television.

“We dedicate this victory to President Bashar Assad and we promise him we will continue fighting until all of Syria is liberated. We will not kneel to Daesh [Islamic State].”

The advancing Tiger Forces, the name for the commando units in the government army, who were completing a drive that began on October 16, reportedly liberated several hundred soldiers.

Syrian government troops staged a counter-offensive in the north of the country, and are now pushing towards the rebel stronghold of Aleppo, where fighting has moved from street to street, and towards Raqqa, Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) de facto capital in Syria.

The Kweires base holds symbolic value for the Syrian people following devastating incursions by IS in August. The relatives of the soldiers inside the base had been staging public protests calling for the facility to be taken back. […]


Syrians in Aleppo celebrating the liberation of Kuwaires by the Syrian army.


  1. charles drake says

    a bad day for israhell the talmud and zionists everywhere.
    not forgetting bbc
    for it is written that goy blood must be spilt not the chosen ones and his blessed demonic agents.
    how can the innocent jews have when israel is mighty oded yinon when great men like these hold base for 2 years.
    2 years and not a rabbi rupurt murdoch or mi5 guardian mention how weird.
    maybe a masonic party shindig going on at dolphin square or new elm guest house.
    so the purveyors of principled moral world are busy
    raping kids

    2 years what deeds and tales they will tell.
    stopped in tracks the donmeh jewish house of saud qatari,pimp dog turks,cia and child killers in the idf golani not so special forces.
    young arab syrian men the real so few
    resistance slayers of chatham house and brookings institute pox ridden kosher plans
    before words we had symbols
    symbols echo reveberate have power past present and futures

    balance has tipped messy times ahead
    israel is sampson option insane and will soon be cornered.
    surrounded by putins s300s
    great day indeed

    • Francis says

      Would it be alright if you toned down the anti-jewish rhetoric? Off-guardian is a little bit special in that it’s trying to redress an imbalance without tipping too much the other way?

      • The real problem is not Anti-Semitism. The real problem is that people in general do not have a clue of what its going on in this world. People are unaware of the Jewish manipulation of all the events that are happening right now. The Jews have controlled humanity for thousands of years and many people do not know it.

      • Ron says

        Do not confuse anti-Zionism with racism. ”Jews” are not a race — they are a multi-racial Mafia. That is how such entities as the Turkish gangster Erdogan and the vile House of Saud can ally with them. Zionists are the core of the Jewish issue, and are a threat to the peace of the world. The true Semites are actiuually Arabs, especially the Palestinians, so the Israeli Zionists are the most anti-Semitic bunch you will find.
        Brave Jews need to announce their opposition to Zionism, a Nazi ideology.

        • Oh please. If people don’t want to come off like some sort of sweaty closet Hitler fanboy with a collection of Nazi memorabilia stashed in the cupboard of their lonely little studio flat, then they shouldn’t throw the word “Jews” around with such ostentatious abandon. If they mean Zionist then they should say so. At best it’s ignorant, at worst deliberate discrediting by association.

          And FYI – many “brave Jews” do announce their opposition to Zionism. You need to pay attention.

          • I know some Jews who abhor Zionism and they have told me that they did 9/11 and they are disgusted with what the Zionists are doing to America, our government etc… I know that not all the snakes are poisonous but happens to be that the ones who destroyed the great country of Russia since 1917 were Jews (Read “Gulag Archipelago” by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, also “The Secret behind Communism” by David Duke. They destroyed Germany and they are destroying America who have infested our government from top to bottom.

            • You’re free to hold such an opinion Isaac, and as long as you don’t use abusive language or incite violence you ought to be allowed to express what you think. But we don’t encourage this kind of labelling here, because it’s neither intelligent nor accurate. “The Jews” are not a political entity and claiming they are is simply justifying racist and over-inclusive thinking.

              The term Zionist is more accurate. Many Jews are not Zionists and many Zionists are not Jews.

              If you want to keep posting here can you bear this in mind and try to modify your language please?

  2. Ron says

    A great day for the Syrian people, and a monumental smack in the eye for Guardio’s liars, BBC’s bullshitters and Murdoch’s paid propagandists, whose fabrications are now scattered, tattered in the dust.
    “Cast blessings on the profits and prophets of truth, on the liberators and martyrs of truth, the Voltaires, Galileos, and Principias of truth, the Gutenbergs, Marconis and Internets of truth, who are those serial killers of delusion, those brutal, driven and obsessed miners of reality, smashing, smashing, smashing every rotten edifice until all is ruins and the seeds of the new.”
    — from the journals of Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks

  3. The Jewish controlled news media never mentioned any thing about it. Of course Israel is mad as hell. the Zionist agenda has been stopped by Putin, Justice will prevail against these diabolical monsters.

    • DavidKNZ says

      Interesting…. The pic above shows quite a few Palestinian flags.. Brothers in Arms??

      • Rurik says

        I might say the Ba’ath Party flag. The Ba’ath party flag is identical to the Palestinian flag as Ba’athism is Pan-Arab ideology.

  4. Do you know I am glad that I saw tommyctg comment above because I thought I was going mad.. Not a word could be found via RSS readers about this in mainstream, nor via Google (at least not on the first page which is unusual. Just several links to little known websites. Thanks for reporting on this.

  5. Naturally not a whisper in the Lamestream media of their darlings getting whacked. Must have had a few embeds. sent home in boxes.. or do they do just post a notice ‘missing’ doing charity work in S?

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