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Breaking: Israeli air force attacks near Damascus airport, reports

by Systematic


Still from the video below.

Press TV reports:

Israeli warplanes have struck targets near the international airport in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Syrian media says.

The reports said the attack happened Wednesday morning.

There were no immediate comments from the Syrian government on the issue.

In October, the Israeli military launched a number of artillery attacks against Syrian army posts in the Golan Heights.

Syria says Israel and its Western and regional allies are aiding Takfiri militant groups operating inside the Arab country. […]

The Algemeiner reports on the same subject:

According to reports in Syrian media outlets affiliated with President Bashar Assad, Israel Air Force jets attacked targets near the Damascus airport, Israel’s Channel 2 reported Wednesday evening.

The report, a breaking story that interrupted the nightly news, was neither confirmed nor denied by Israeli authorities.

Channel 2 military correspondent Roni Daniel said that Israel has made it clear it would not allow the transfer of weapons from Iran, via Damascus, to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

This is not the first time that air strikes in Syria have been attributed to Israel without confirmation from officials in the Jewish state. But this comes on the heels of meetings between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly held to coordinate operations in Syria — and ensure that there are no unwitting collisions between planes from their respective air forces.

A video posted by opposition sources in Syria allegedly showing the attack:


  1. Yonatan says

    This story was put out the the ‘opposition’. The original video dates from 2013. The intent appears to have been to suggest that Israel can and will break the effective no-fly zone with impunity. By doing this, the ‘opposition’ confirm their close association with Israel.

  2. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:

    Neighbour from hell Netanyahu/Meilikowski pulls off another fast one (doubtless on the pretext of disrupting arms shipments to Hezbollah) in order to annex the Golan Heights for good …

  3. John Kaniecki says

    And so we digress into World War 3. And where is sanity? Far from the hate mongers lusting for greed, power and control who make decisions. Get rid of the whole lot of them and start all over.

  4. Just shows how hard it is to get a bead on anything going on in the ME atm. Things in flux. Alliances shifting. Narratives colliding. Who is really siding with whom? There’s as many interpretations as there are commentators.

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  6. I believe they have struck Iranian arms heading for Jordan is it? I forget now.. But something like that.

  7. Eric_B says

    If any sense can be made of this, I assume Israel has hit Islamists near Damscus and Assad and Russia are Ok with that.

        • Seamus Padraig says

          It’s a racist term for Jews. It means ‘Christ killers’. It should never be used, not even in jest.

      • dawn says

        Did I apear to be, and to a certain point it is interesting to me that I’m sitting in my home here in the USA reading about terrorism acts of violence from the land of my god and a lady here yells out kikes I would like to know the definition and the people she is regarding to

    • This is a warning. Any more such racist expletives will be deleted. Please find a different way of expressing your thoughts.

  8. Israel does not act without the knowledge or collusion of America. This deepening involvement is part of their desire to keep Syria destabilised and eventually to be broken up with the Golan Heights ceded to Israel by other vassal states of America. At the moment the Golan Heights is still illegally occupied and by appearing to fight ISIS on behalf of the West they will gain credit in the world with the payoff being the Golan Heights. Netanyahu has already started the media management needed to plant the seeds of the idea in the mind of the world. There is no end to this Zionist expansionism.

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