Assad: Departure from president depends on will of Syrians


Gazeta reports:

Syrian President Bashar Assad said that the possibility of his resignation from the post of head of state depends solely on the opinion of the Syrian people. He said this in an interview with the French economic magazine Valeurs Actuelles.

“The question of my resignation from the post depends entirely on the will of the people of Syria and the Syrian parliament. Those who want to destroy Syria, most of all want to destroy the last secular state in the region “, – he said.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the parties to the talks on the Syrian settlement in Vienna confirmed that Syria’s future should be decided by the people of the country.


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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Paul Dva (@zoolooy)

I find Assad’s description of Syria as “the last secular state in the region” a rather good retort to the other tired and untrue rant of a certain nearby fascist-clerical State calling itself “the only democracy” in the region.

Boy if there was ever proof needed about how sick and harmful religion can be for a population… take a look around that continent.


He should give more interviews and fight back against the characterisation of him by the MSM.

Judy Whitehead (@jasonthespaniel)

I doubt MSM would publish them. There’s a good interview on RT in late September, very in-depth. He makes those scheming for his ouster sound like morons. Of course, the head of the Syrian state should be decided by the Syrian people and I understand Assad won an election in 2014. For the west, the only democratic elections are ones in which their puppet is elected; otherwise they are ‘unfair’.