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VIDEO: “ISIS is a creation of the West”

In a preliminary look at the possible ramifications of the terrorist attacks in Paris, James Corbett says the fact ISIS is a creation of the west is the most important message…

Also see Corbett’s ongoing “open source investigation” into the Paris attacks


  1. I do not entirely agree that Germany invited terrorists, It was a result of Israel’s and the US lackeys that have caused the mass exodus of refugees or migrants out of Syria, Libya, Iraq. Who’s the main beneficiary of this, Israel. They are not liked by hardly anyone. They can’t find any other true ally, except the US Government that is run by Israel. American Citizens are tired of this or just don’t get the real news.

  2. Corbett, I think, gets it exactly right, here:

    a) “ISIS, the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria fostered, funded, armed, equipped and trained by the United States, its Gulf allies, Turkey and Israel[,] has reportedly taken responsibility for the attacks.”

    b) The attacks — whoever may have committed them — become the public justification for heightened military intervention in Syria by the United States and its NATO allies, whose ultimate and longstanding aim in Syria is to topple the current and legitimate government of Syria. But the attacks only become this ‘justification’ if ISIS and ISIS alone publicly declares that it is responsible for them. Otherwise, the ‘casus beli’ evaporates. There would no longer be a reason for direct military intervention by the West – Syria’s true enemy – in Syria.

    c) But since ISIS is in fact the United States’ and NATO’s proxy in Syria, that is, the United States’ and NATO’s ally in Syria, that ISIS attacked NATO and Europe in France is an outright deception. The public may believe that ISIS committed the acts of terror, that ISIS is the enemy of their government and therefore also their enemy because ISIS claims the terror attacks as its own, but the ‘fact’ is that ISIS is an ally of their government by virtue of being NATO’s proxy and ally in Syria.

    d) It therefore follows that the Paris attacks effectively become a false flag since they are being used to clinch public support for a military intervention against a non-existent enemy. Said differently, ISIS, portrayed as the perpetrator of the attacks, is the false flag. It doesn’t matter who committed the atrocities or why; it matters only who it is who claims to have committed them. In this instance, a friend pretending to be a foe.

  3. Sorry guys but I found this site to be silly sensationalistic crap. The idea that you have to spend 100 bucks just to leave a message on this duffus’s site is just too funny and the comments that are there… woo hoo.

    May I suggest a little more caution on posting stuff, ie stuff with links that you can kinda prove – otherwise we’re all going to look like conspiracy nutters.

    Remember after destroying Iraq and bombing the shit out of Syria our convernments don’t really need to instigate false flags, we’re at war, just because the press and the armed forces keep much of the bloody truth away from us doesn’t mean it ain’t happening. Just like the German dropped bombs on our grandparents and great grandparents now we’re being included.

    When something horrible happens we all look for reasons to explain it and imaginations crest false narrative which is exploited by our governments.

    Do I think that “America for a new century” decided in the 90s to redraw the Middle East – yes. Do I think Bush and Chaney made it official Washington policy – yes. Do I think that they used 9/11 as a scapegoat to beginning redrawing the Middle East – yes. Do I think they want to now flatten Syria – yes. Do I think the French killed their own folk to convince them to back an full war in Syria. C’mon guys? It’s highly risky it’s had the reverse effect people don’t want to be the battlefield in war games and its drawn far to much attention to what madam France has been up to in the Middle East.

    Do I think the French police new it was going to happen but didn’t join the dots correctly and bungled it – yes.

    The problem with conspiracy theories is that they almost always imply an omnipotent superpower that is extremely preside and beautifully executed – life just isn’t like that and the neo-cons behind these extremist policies are whack jobs, sociopaths are known for being incompetent and above all else that is what are governments are.

    However the evil genius behind The America for a new what ever is that it thrives on chaos and incompetence – that’s why it’s genius you don’t have to be any good you just have to have limitless funds and the biggest guns to fuck shit up – it’s the American way, I’ve worked with them for many years – spend lots of money and do a below par job whilst telling everyone you’re great it’s what they do!

    Before anyone says – my SO is American and she’s not like that she’s the best!


    • Just to clarify – it’s 100 Japanese yen, not a hundred bucks! That’s about 50p in UK money. Around 30cents.

      About our publishing policy – I think we see ourselves as covering a spectrum of alternate views. Some will think some of our output is too mainstream. Some will think other parts of it are too non-mainstream. We don’t necessarily 100% endorse every aspect of everything we share, but that’s part of the point – airing, and getting debate going on, those things – like alleged false flag terrorism – that don’t get much analysis in the mainstream.

      Getting the balance right can be a challenge. And we probably don’t always get it right. 🙂

      • Cattle, you’re doing amazing work – I’m sorry – sorry for misreading the cost of the sub – I got off work tired and over reacted fired off without thinking properly.

        engage brain before posting 🙂

        I have a close connection to some victims at the Bataclan due to my line of work, I read some horseshit in the comments about the Eagles and satanism and I just snapped.

        But my original point still stands – there are a million sites dedicated to wild conspiracy theories for all I know they maybe true, but the thing that sets this place apart is that it’s prepared to stand up to the Guardian and say

        “Fuck you Wintour, Fuck you Behr, fuck you Guardian – you are lying and we’re going to call you out on it”

        Again catte – your pieces have been excellent and you are doing something brave and necessary!

    • joe Staten says

      Can’t be too dismissive of anything these days though. Operation Gladio was real enough and it was genuine state-sponsored false flag terrorism (loads of info about it online). The number of these events that are accompanied by drills of exactly the same event is what bothers me. Just a few samples:

      9/11 there were drills of hijacked planes in New York.

      7/7 there were drills of bombs on the tube and on a single road vehicle.

      Sandy Hook – drills about school invasion just a few days prior.

      Boston bombing – drills going on prior to the race featuring multiple bombs in the city.

      Now in Paris – drill featuring multifocal terrorist attacks in the city going on just hours before.

      I don’t want to come over as a conspiracy nutter, but this really is a hell of a lot of coincidences!

      • Joe,

        I’m not dismissing it out of hand, but as I said above there are plenty of sites dedicated to wild eyed conspiracy theories.

        This Empire we live in thrives on lies chaos and misinformation – as Off- Guardian becomes more popular – as I think it will – there will be attempts to dismiss it as another fringe loony website especially as it dares to take on the almighty voice of (un)Liberalism that is the Grauniad.

      • Also, in the San Bernardino, California shootings, where 14 people died, there was an “active-shooter” drill in the area just two days before, with the participation of all first-responder agencies. Not only that, but there was a SWAT drill occurring at exactly the same time and place:

        “The call first came in at 10:59 a.m. of multiple shots fired from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave. The Police Department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, ‘ready to roll’ and responded rapidly, Lt. Richard Lawhead said.”

        The Regional Centers are places where children with permanent developmental disabilities are evaluated for services. Why were swat teams training nearby? There was a huge number of governmental vehicles on the scene (many federal), around 400, within 14 minutes of the shooting, which could only happen if there was foreknowledge

        Also, multiple witneeses said they saw three white males in military gear doing the shooting. Later in the day, two Arabic patsies, a slight female and her husband, are photographed dead on the ground with their hands handcuffed behind their backs. Do police handcuff dead people?

    • asif says

      youre a bloody idiot.
      find one thing wrong in any of the links in his article, and then post back how and why its wrong, airing your unqualified opinion as some form of legitimate rebuttal is hilarious. get off the grass fool.

        • asif says

          youre entitled to your opinion, and im entitled to think youre idiotic because of it.
          you say that the article, with links to verifiable facts that show isis is a creation of , and funded, and supported by the west, to be sensationalist, and makes ‘us all?” , “look like conspiracy nutters.”

          conspiracy nutters? for highlighting the blantant lies we are being fed? fuck off.

          obviously you couldnt find anything wrong in the article, so you try to look clever ( a look that doesnt suit you by the way) with a silly give us a kiss remark, and as far as the kiss in the grass is concerned, even if you did have enough money, not that i’d call myself fussy, but i make it a rule not to get intimate with anyone with an IQ lower than my morning bowel movement, ya idiot winker.

          • Asif? Why are you so angry? I’m not your enemy I just happen to think the situation is far more complex and convoluted than just say the government did it, I apologised for jumping the gun on that article.

            You won’t beat these people by being a hothead and picking fights with me.

            As for conspiracy nutters – well we’ve already had some bloke on here who’s convinced his bad maths holds the key as to what’s happening. It’s distracting and it’s stupid and it’s what those responsible for the chaos want,

            So come on bury the hatchet – I’m not your enemy.

            • asif says

              where did I simply say “the government did it”

              what i did say, that calling anyone who reasonably questions the official account, “conspiracy nutters: – is as stupid as it gets, and no amount of hatchet burying will change that fact.

              it is also stupid to say Im picking fights, when all i am doing is highlighting the idiocy of your comments, and far from being angry, i actually get a little bit happier every time i get the opportunity to tell an idiot he is an idiot.

          • The problem with you is that you cannot refute the statement logically or with any plausible reasons. Maybe, critical thinking is not your bag. but accusing someone that you don’t agree with by slandering or juvenile remarks is all you have. Go into a dark room and throw a fit.

    • Shatnersrug, I have just two small quibbles with your logic. You make a good point about the extreme risk for Hollande in allowing false-flag attackers to kill French citizens (am I the only one who suspects the shooters are Mossad or IDF?) But aside from the muscular white assassins seen everywhere from Paris to San Bernardino, California, while I, too, think it was foolhardy of Hollande to go along with what was, in my opinion, an operation of the Obama administration, the fact that the shootings failed to achieve their objective, that is, an instant NATO war on Syria, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t precisely their plan. Sometimes plans fail. Significantly, Russia, instead of backing off, pretended that the Paris attacks had really been carried out by IS and intensified its war on all of the jihadist groups in Syria. This intensification raised the risk of a military incident between NATO and Russian warplanes, with the result being that the UK, France and Germany all backed off. If Russia had blinked, I think you could have seen a no-fly zone in Syria in short order; but they organized Paris too late because Russia had already established its airforce over Syria.

      This points out the related logical error on your part: that conspiracy theories assume that those who plan false-flag attacks are omnipotent and infallible. The fact that they failed to overthrow the Syrian government disproves this. Hence, planners at the highest levels of government do carry out these attacks, and the fact that they don’t always succeed in their objectives doesn’t mean they weren’t behind the attacks with those very objectives in mind.

  4. There is an enormous truth in this article and what every logical sane person sees clearly !

    ISIS was created, armed & funded by 40 countries some which are G20 members being :

    France ………………….

    There is nothing hidden by the US in its shameless arming, training & funding of ISIS & it is on record that UK’s then Foreign Minister now Lord Hague sent £5Million of UK taxpayers money & that Germany is a full US vassal inviting the Terrorists (AKA Refugees) en-masse to Europe.

    But France itself has an enormous burden of responsibility for aiding and abetting the Paris massacre!

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